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Top 10 Block Party Games

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 10, 2012
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block party gamesContributed by Info Guru Oliver VanDerVoort

With the weather turning nicer, more time is spent outdoors hanging out with friends and family.

The summer usually also means that we spend time with the people who live in our area at get togethers that are usually called Block Parties. Usually the responsibility of planning these is sort of a rotation job and when that job falls on you it can seem like an overwhelming task. The best way to throw a good party is to make sure you have some great games and activities. Thanks to us, you will be well prepared with the top ten block party games.

10. Balloon Toss

Balloon Toss

This particular game has you filling water balloons and then teams try and carefully throw the balloons to their teammates without the balloons popping. As an added bonus you can adjust the distance of the balloon toss after every throw. Last team with an unpopped balloon wins!

9. Croquet


This particular game is one that has been played on lawns for years and year. While most people consider croquet something for the wealthy, but its actually easy to set up and doesn’t cost much to get a croquet set. You can have a tournament or just have it available for anyone to play who wants to.

8. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is another tried and true activity that everyone should know how to do. This game can also be a way for people to get around the neighborhood and meet their neighbors.

7. Egg Roll

Egg Roll

The egg roll is a game somewhat like the water balloon toss in that the main purpose is to try and keep the eggs in one place. The difference is that this game has an actual finish line. The game obviously works best if you have a hilly place to roll the eggs down.

6. Water Balloon Wars

Water Balloons

This game comes in handy right after you have the balloon toss. Simply get everyone at the party onto one team or another and play a sort of dodgeball with water balloons. This gets everyone into a goofy fun mood, which leads to more feelings of friendship and comradery.

5. Charades


This is another game that can be used to build a litte bit of community at the party. There are very few people who know the basics of this game, but the nice thing about it and the reason it makes the top 10 block party games is because there are so many different ways to play, you can tailor it to your needs.

4. Big Board Games

board games

Board games are always fun but they can be a bit small for these kinds of parties. The alternative is making some big boards for certain games, including something like Tic Tac Toe. You can even have something like a prize system set up for the winners.

3. Horse Shoes

Horse Shoes

This is another game that is synonymous with outdoor parties. This particular game is quite a bit like darts, only with horse shoes and poles in the ground instead of a board and darts.

2. Freeze Tag


This is actually a game most people assume is just a kids game. However, this is another game that can be really fund and build some comradery. The rules are fairly simple and universally known, so there won’t be a bunch of time spent explaining the rules at the party.

1. Three Legged Race

Three Legged Race

This is yet another game that is almost always thought of when talking about outdoors parties and games. The rules are fairly simple and again almost everyone knows how to play. The one thing you will need is enough yard or lawn space to actually do the race. A park nearby would help for this.

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