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Top 10 Body Flattering Skirts

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 26, 2011
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One of the top ten body flattering skirtsContributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

How many women do you know who have the perfect figure? One? None?

Most of us have areas of our body that we would prefer to forget about but can’t. They’re there and not going anyway. What we can do is disguise and camouflage them. Picking the right skirt is the first step in giving the illusion that your body is better than it really is.

No one needs to know differently.

Here are the top ten body flattering skirts:

10. A-line

One of the top ten body flattering skirts

A slight A-line skirt that sits at your waist is good for women with pear shapes. Avoid tight skirts because they will make you look bottom heavy.

9. Short & pleated

One of the top ten body flattering skirts

If you are a little gal, minimal in stature, short, pleated skirts accompanied by nude shoes will make you look taller and your legs longer.

8. Structured and fitted

One of the top ten body flattering skirts

If you are heavy don’t try to conceal it by wearing a big, baggy skirt. This will only emphasize that which you are trying to hide. Wear a nicely cut and fitted skirt but one doesn’t cling to your body. Buy a skirt that has some structure to it and watch the length. If you go just below the leg this isn’t going to be flattering. Go shorter or longer and pay close attention to your shoes. The wrong shoe can ruin even the prettiest skirt.

7. Pants

One of the top ten body flattering skirts

If you can’t find a skirt that you think is flattering, then ditch the idea altogether and stick with classic pants. You won’t be the first woman to go this route.

6. Long and flowing

One of the top ten body flattering skirts

A long, flowing skirt can hide a multitude of sins and look good while doing it. Capture a bit of that Bohemian chic. The important thing is to wear the right kind of shoes with a long skirt. Espadrilles or a wedge sandal or any type of shoe, including high heels that give you some height will look good with long skirts. Of course, flat sandals look good too but make sure that your skirt isn’t too long or frumpy. You don’t want to end up looking dowdy. Maxi dresses and long skirts are ideal for summer. You will keep cool and look fashionably chic.

5. Just below the knee

One of the top ten body flattering skirts

Any skirt that features a flare shape and extends just below your knee, disguises thighs that are heavy and will also help to balance the largest part of your leg. Vertical pleats in a flare-shaped skirt that has vertical lines will also make your thighs look smaller. If you wear clingy fabrics this is going to draw the eye to areas of your body that you would probably prefer that people not focus on.

4. Strategically pleated

One of the top ten body flattering skirts

Pleated skirts, when worn correctly, can disguise big hips. The pleats should begin at the mid-thigh or feature a slight flare at the bottom of the skirt, which balances out the hip area. Wearing dark colored clothing also disguises your girth. Go for plain skirts that don’t feature embellishments or pockets or buttons around the butt because this only adds to your ample derriere.

3. Mini skirt

One of the top ten body flattering skirts

The mini skirt is still around and undoubtedly always will be. If you can pull it off (and only you and your mirror know that) do it. A mini skirt obviously shows a lot of leg. If you’ve got great gams, show ‘em of and bravo to you!

2. Above-the-knee

One of the top ten body flattering skirts

Probably, the most forgiving skirt for all body types is the A-line. The A-line skirt emphasizes the waist and makes you look taller. Your hemline shouldn’t be too long, because mid-calf length skirts can make you appear shorter and stockier than you are. A good length for an A-line skirt is just above the knee.

1. Pencil skirt

One of the top ten body flattering skirts

If you can pull it off, and maybe you can and maybe you can’t, the most flattering as well as sexy skirt for many women is the pencil skirt. A fitted, calf length skirt, or shorter, featuring a kick pleat in the back and a relatively high waist, and back zipper, paired with high heels is THE killer look. Think of France’s impeccably stylish First Lady Carla Bruni Sarkozi. She wears this style with flair and elegance. If you have fabulous legs, that’s all the better!

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