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Top 10 Chocolate Cooking Recipes

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 26, 2012
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chocolate cakeContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Chocolate is a deliciously, decadent food universally loved by many foodies, and non-foodies, around the world.

This treat comes in many different forms including milk, rich, dark and white chocolate. Furthermore, it is often combined with nuts, creams, caramels and even fruits such as cherries to make popular chocolate bars, cookies and holiday chocolate boxes. Although chocolate has had a bad rap in the past for being too high in calories and fats, it may actually be good for you in moderation. According to Medline Plus, a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that chocolate eaters experienced decreases in blood pressure and insulin levels.

Check out the top ten chocolate cooking recipes below and turn your cravings into a culinary treat!

10. Chocolate-Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookies

Topping the list of chocolate cooking recipes is the classic chocolate-chip cookie. There are several versions of chocolate-chip cookie recipes including the highly rated Best Chocolate Chip Cookie from

9. Pots de Crème

pots de creme

Reminiscent of a chocolate-y pudding, Pots de Crème is rich custard that is ideal for a romantic evening home for two. Serve with whipping cream for additional flavor, texture and sexy appeal.

8. Chocolate pie

chocolate pie

Traditional pies usually consist of apple, blueberry, peach or blackberry fillings. Step outside of the dough lines and ditch the fruity flavors for a richer treat in chocolate pie. Try shaving a creamy, gourmet milk chocolate bar to sprinkle on top of the pie’s filling and whipped cream.

7. Chocolate cake

chocolate cake

A list of chocolate cooking recipes is not complete without the addition of a classic chocolate cake. Mix basic ingredients such as flour, eggs, sugar and milk with quality dark baking chocolate, chopped and melted, for a decadent birthday or anniversary celebration.

6. Chocolate banana bread or muffins

chocolate banana muffins

Kids and moms everywhere love banana bread for its delicious taste and healthier ingredients respectively. Jazz up a regular banana bread recipe with the addition of chocolate chunks or chips. Quick bread recipes can also be made into chocolate-chip banana muffins by pouring batter into muffin tins versus a loaf pan.

5. Brownies


A moist, rich, super-soft brownie really isn’t a brownie without chocolate. If you’re looking for something different however, try a blonde brownie recipe that uses brown sugar and walnuts to play up its flavor but still add chocolate chips for good measure.

4. Rich Chocolate Pudding

chocolate pudding

Pudding recipes scream for the addition of chocolate as it lends a rich, creamy, decadent taste and appearance. Savor Country Living’s chocolate pudding while curling up on the couch alone or amongst friends after dinner.

3. Mint Chocolate Cookies

mint chocolate cookies

Gourmet baking chocolate is a versatile ingredient that pairs well with many flavors including sweet fruits, savory nuts and delicate mints. Forgo buying a thin-mint at the grocery store and make your own mint chocolate cookies by simply adding peppermint extract to a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe.

2. Peanut butter chocolate pie

peanut butter chocolate pie

There’s a reason Reese chocolates are extremely popular world-wide: the addictive combination of chocolate with natural peanut butter. Combine these unique flavors at home when making chocolate cooking recipes to produce a peanut butter chocolate pie that has extra protein from the peanut butter.

1. Red velvet cake

red velvet cake

Red velvet cake may sound fancy but it can be enjoyed at any time or for any event no matter the celebration. Kids will love the funky red color from the addition of food coloring to the batter while foodies while devour the mouth-watering combination of cocoa with buttermilk.

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