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Top 10 Client Thank You Ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

January 5, 2012
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A list of the top ten client thank you ideasContributed by Jennifer Andrews, Top 10 Guru

A simple thank-you can be a thoughtful way to show someone that you are grateful for their services, help, generosity and work.

In addition to personal thanks given between friends and family, notes and acts of thankfulness can also be shown on a professional level. In particular, client thank you acts are a great way to show a client of yours or your company that you appreciate and respect their services.

Consider one of these top ten client thank you ideas after you work with a client on a project or purchase.

10. Gift baskets

A list of the top ten client thank you ideas

Gift baskets are ideal tokens of appreciation for a client thank you acknowledgement. A gift basket can include a variety of things such as gourmet chocolate candy apples, cheeses, fresh fruit or nuts and other snacks. Food makes a great thank you, because it can be shared with an entire office and says “thanks” to everyone who had a hand in your collaboration.

9. Personalized cards

A list of the top ten client thank you ideas

A card is a universal way to say thank you to anybody, including clients. Create a personalized card to send to your client after a business deal or end-of-year note of appreciation.

8. Gourmet food

A list of the top ten client thank you ideas

Who doesn’t love receiving food in the mail or at their desk? Fine food items such as specialty cheeses, first press olive oils, organic jams, or regional restaurant specialties can be assorted into a nice gift package or delivered ready-to-eat as a thank you gift for clients. Call a local bakery to have bagels and coffee delivered, or send a pizza in for lunch.

7. Chocolates

A list of the top ten client thank you ideas

A few boxes of assorted, delicate chocolates are a great thank you gift to send to clients. Look for high-end, specialty chocolates vs. your typical store bought candy purchases to show deep appreciation and thoughtfulness.

6. Cookies

A list of the top ten client thank you ideas

They’re sweet. They’re delicious. And they remind almost everyone of childhood. Maybe that’s why cookies are such a great choice for client thank you presents. Look for companies who a corporate cookie program…they’ll know how to help you select the right mix, then they’ll deliver it in style.
5. Wine

A list of the top ten client thank you ideas

Purchase one or two bottles of fine wine to send to your client with a thank you card or note. Some stores may also provide wine gifting baskets. Present your client with an elegantly boxed wine. Or if they’re not local, ordering a wine gift online, with a personalized message, is a simple way to get your thanks directly to your client.

4. Fruit basket

A list of the top ten client thank you gift ideas

In addition to food and wine, thank you gift baskets can also consist of a healthy collection of fruits. A fruit basket consisting of apples, oranges, lemons, pears, bananas and dried fruits can be enjoyed immediately by clients at their own work stations. Don’t just think fresh fruit, you can also be creative and send specialty dried fruits in a fancy assortment to really “wow” your client and everyone in the office.

3. Charitable donation

A list of the top ten client thank you ideas

What do you get for the client that appears to have it all? Consider giving them the ultimate gift by making a donation to a charitable cause in the name of the client. Select a cause that is near and dear to your clients’ heart to leave him or her feeling blessed and humbled.

2. Pen set

A list of the top ten client thank you ideas

A pen set is a traditional gift-giving favourite among employers and clients. This is a gift that is ideal for a business owner, CEO or executive that will use it frequently and remember your appreciation. Give the pen that “inked” the deal as a special overture of an ongoing partnership – politicians do this all the time.

1. Sporting tickets

A list of the top ten client thank you ideas

Tickets to see a sporting event or game is a great way to say thank you to loyal and long-standing clients. Consider purchasing tickets for a private box at a hockey game for a small group of clients or one particular client who can take his family along for the game or show as well.


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