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Top 10 College School Colors

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 15, 2011
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A list of the top ten college school colorsContributed by Robert Blaine, Top 10 Guru

Your school’s colors are maybe the last things you should think about when enrolling in a college, yet the first things people notice about you when you walk through town.

Your college colors not only give you a sense of pride when you wear them on your sweater, but they can also be something flashy and magnificent to swing over your head at your typical frat party. Let’s count down the top ten hottest college or university school colors, regardless of college popularity.

It’s all about how good the colors look. Let’s begin:

10. University of Pennsylvania

One of the top ten college school colors

In homage to the historical Quakers, the University of Pennsylvania dons the patriotic colors of red, white and blue. So when you wear the Pennsylvania Quaker logo, you’re not only representing your college, but also your country.

9. University of Hawaii

One of the top ten college school colors

Dark and fierce, the green and white of the University of Hawaii is a very slick combination, like an elegant, almost warrior-like camouflage. In fact, that’s why their athletic teams are called “The Warriors.”

8. Duke

One of the top ten college school colors

Devils can be cold, too. The Blue Devils, obviously known for wearing the color orange, blend white and blue so simply, yet so coolly that they just had to make this list.

7. University of Arkansas

One of the top ten college school colors

Brilliant and classy, the red and white University of Arkansas colors may be simple, but pure. Throw an Arkansas jersey over anything and you’ll blend very well into Candyland. That’s cool, though.


One of the top ten college school colors

The Bruins’ brilliant, aquamarine color is a trademark for a lot of students, which is probably why UCLA memorabilia is as widely popular as it is today.

5. Northwestern University

One of the top ten college school colors

In the real world, purple is the color of royalty. In college, it’s the color of haze. But in Northwestern U. it’s the color of the Wildcats. And a mighty good color at that.

4. University of Miami

One of the top ten college school colors

Green and orange go very well. Ask an Oompa Loompa. No, really, Miami’s colors are superb, fun and very appropriate for a studious partier.

3. Boise State University

One of the top ten college school colors

If you think Idaho is a boring state, you’re probably right, but their largest, most successful university, Boise State, wears some of the coolest colors of all American colleges, mixing electric orange with vibrant blue. Heck, a lot of people would wear a Broncos jersey even with no intention of attending the school.

2. USC

One of the top ten college school colors

The University of Southern California is most famous for two things: red and gold. Popularized by the football team, the Trojans’ regal colors have inspired pride in at least all of their 17,000 students.

1. University of Texas

One of the top ten college school colors

Without a doubt, the Longhorns have one of the most recognizable colors of all colleges. The University of Texas decorates its students with a simple, yet flashy orange so that they can be spotted a mile away. This works on prisoners, too.

September 2, 2011 is College Colors Day … display your college school colors proudly on Facebook and any where else that will get some attention!


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