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Top 10 Comfy Kids Clothing

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 23, 2011
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One of the top ten comfy kids clothesContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Style and comfort.

When these two aspects of clothing can’t, or don’t, go hand-in-hand, our kids will invariably choose comfort. And why wouldn’t they?

It’s usually the tall people in our children’s lives that are concerned with style, kids just want to GO!

Here are the top ten comfy kids clothing options, so that you can put together a wardrobe that your kids can work with:

10. Thick, cotton tees

One of the top ten most comfy kids clothes

After the dog, standard issue, thick soft T-shirts are a kid’s best friend. It breathes; it’s soft, and is a piece of cake to don. That’s a great thing about kids and their clothes, comfort and functionality is about all they need.

9. Paratrooper pants

One of the top ten comfy kids clothing

It’s not necessary to find the paratrooper pants with 146 pockets; it’s the comfort these pants provide that will have your children thanking you. Freedom of movement and comfy fabric, always a winning combination. Try Army Navy surplus stores or your local SuperBox.

8. Onesies

One of the top ten comfy kids clothes

The kids that get to wear these in public can’t tell us if they’re comfortable since they’re usually still in the ga-ga stage, but empirical evidence would suggest we’d all wear them – all day, every day – if we could get away with it. The ultimate in ease, freedom and comfort, there’s a reason the first article of clothing we own is usually a onesy.

7. Sweatpants

One of the top ten comfy kids clothes

A classic that will forever be on a Top 10 comfy clothes for kids list. Not only are sweatpants easy, but they have the added benefit of being multi-functional. Slip them on for a day playing on the park structure, dust them off, and now they’re off to a friend’s house for some serious play. All without wasting valuable time changing clothes.

6. Long shorts

One of the top ten comfy kids clothes

What a quandary, too cold for shorts; but long pants are going just a tad too far. Time for a compromise; sliding on a pair of long shorts appeases the parents but still allows for bonsai-level flexibility in movement while shredding the playground. Isn’t it nice when we all get along?

5. Flannel and fleece PJ’s

One of the top ten comfy kids clothes

Flannel, if not the high point of Mankind’s creative genius, must be near the top of the list. Loose fitting fleece PJ’s are so comfortable parents must stay alert. More than one child has been discovered feigning illness for the sole purpose of spending more time in their PJ’s.

4. Hoodie

One of the top ten comfy kids clothes

Warm, thick and comfortable, a hoodie in the right conditions is perfect. It accomplishes as much as a thick, bulky jacket does, without the movement restrictions of a large parka. And, should the need arise, it can be easily removed and tied around the waist to ensure it’s not left at their friend’s house.

3. Fleece jackets


If, as previously suggested, you agree flannel is near the top of incredible inventions over the ages, fleece must top the list. No one knows how manufacturers are able to produce such a warm, soft, comfortable fabric, nor do we care. Just keep producing it because our kids love it! Not to mention, have you hugged your child when they are wearing a fleece jacket? It’s like butter!

2. Knit gloves

One of the top ten comfy kids clothes

Not only comfortable on those cold winter days, the #2 item on our list is a bit more specific than that. These knit gloves that warrant such high esteem are those made by the loving hands of Nana, and are subsequently received on a Birthday, Easter or some other special occasion. They’re always just a little more comfy for some reason.

1. Fleece and knit hats

One of the top ten comfy kids clothes

Okay, this may be pushing the envelope a bit after Top 10 item #3, but the same concept applies for fleece and soft knit hats. These things are so soft and comfortable, and they have the added benefit of being ridiculously warm. And since kids seem to get ear aches just looking outside when it’s cold, what better way to keep them warm and healthy then with a baby soft fleece hat.

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