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Top 10 Cute Ways to Wear a Skirt

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 7, 2012
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Cute skirtsContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Skirts are about the most versatile piece of clothing you can own.

They can be flirty without looking too sexy, or sleek and professional without looking stuffy. Pair the right style with your body shape, and you’ll feel cool and confident wherever you go.

Of course, styling is important, too. These cute ways to wear a skirt will help you find new ways to experiment with the latest trends and existing clothes in your closet.

10. High-waist

high waisted

High-waisted cuts are extremely flattering, particularly with a thick belt. Try one with a big bold pattern and pair it with a fun fitted t-shirt for a charming, everyday look. Wear it with flats, boots or wedge sandals and leave your hair down.

9. Punk Rock Plaid

punk rock

Pleated plaid is a staple of many punk rocker gals closets. Pair it with a tank top or t-shirt with a slogan or a collar-less snap down shirt. Accessorize with a black choker, striped knee socks or pretty lace stockings. Dr Martens would be the authentic footwear of choice, or plain casual slip-ons that you decorate yourself.

8. Classy Gal

More cute ways to wear a skirt with a simple A-line cut is with just a touch of class. Pair dark skirts with a simple neutral blouse and heels, or vice versa. Tuck in the top and use a wide woven belt to pull the overall look together. Wear light makeup so it stays on the natural side with black mascara and lip gloss, and pin back the sides of your hair with a shiny metallic clip.

7. Winter Warmth

winter skirt

Just because it gets too cold sometimes for bare legs or pretty stockings doesn’t mean you can’t rock a skirt. In fact, you’ll be a sight for sore eyes amongst the hoards of marshmallow parkas and over-sized sweatshirts. The answer is in a few pairs of tights, black, white and all the colors in between. Go for thicker wool skirts and a fitted sweater or layered flannel and you’ll be snuggle-ready.

6. Ultra Feminine

It’s a common mistake to wear a revealing top with a mini. A simple solution is to throw on a pretty lace shirt over said top balance out the ensemble. Pull your hair back in a messy chignon or a head band to play up the easy daintiness of the whole look. Wear with heels or simple flats.

5. Boho

boho sandals

Long skirts take on a hip vibe when paired with a loose top and over-sized hand bag. Slip on some strappy sandals and sunglasses, and pull your hair in a loose braid. Bring in your personal style with a long, chunky necklace and a metal bracelet or ring – if you feel like it.

4. Thrifted Retro

thrifted skirt

Thrifty shoppers know that sometimes the best way to wear a great find is how it was originally meant to be styled. Take a below-the-knee full cut from the 1950s, and indulge your inner-retro queen. Wear it with a cardigan or cropped, fitted sweater. Add an edge with ankle boots or cherry red lipstick.

3. Bright and Funky

funky accessories

Confidence comes most easily when you’re wearing clothes that feel like you. So take a bright, solid wrap skirt and make it playful by mixing textures and patterns. Try a loose knit cropped sweater and accessorize with a colorful patterned purse and casual sneakers.

2. Cowboy Boots

cowboy boots

Yee-haw, pretty lady. Of all the cute ways to wear a skirt with ruffles, cowboy boots has to go near the top. They add a little swagger to every swing of the hips, and pack an instant punch of stand-out style. Wear with a fitted tank or simple button-down top.

1. Summer Sweetie

high waisted

Girls of summer have an easy, laid back style that looks as though they just slipped into whatever and went for a bike ride or on a walk by the beach, except “whatever” is always some charming little number. Get this look with a tiered jersey knit skirt, a denim mini or something else fitted, yet breezy. Don’t think too hard about what’s on top. A tube top or a plain racer back tank and flip flops or sneakers look perfect.


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