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Top 10 Disability Living Aids

Written by: Editorial Staff

January 28, 2011
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Contributed by Denise McGill, Info Guru

There is no need to struggle with restricting disabilities when there are so many options to aid those who suffer with arthritis, are wheelchair bound or experience limited mobility.

Disability living aids make daily activities such as shopping, doing laundry or even going for a walk in the park more enjoyable and easier to complete. From simple aids such as a grab bar to automated aids, this list of 10 guarantees comfort and self-sufficiency to those with disabilities.

10. Wheelchair tray

Starting with #10 on the list for disability living aids is a simple yet convenient accessory for individuals that are wheelchair bound. This handy wheelchair tray provides an instant desk and surface when ordinary tabletops and desks are out of reach. Complete homework, pay bills or enjoy a snack from the comfort of your wheelchair and simply fold away the tray when not it is not in use.

9. Waffle pad

For extra seating comfort and back support, an extra thick waffle pad is the perfect option for hard surfaces. Holes in waterproof pad promote air circulation to discourage perspiration.

8. Stair lift

Stairs too steep or near impossible to climb? Stair lifts are becoming more and more popular as disability living aids. Perfect for those with arthritis and limited mobility, the stair lift makes getting up and down steps worry-free.

7. Modular ramps

A simple solution maneuvering around steps and uneven terrain is to install modular ramps. Assembly is quick, easy and provides instant wheelchair access around the home. Portable ramps modify your home whenever you need it.

6. Bath lift

Why pay for costly bathroom makeovers? A bath lift inserted into the tub assures firm footing when getting in and out of the tub. The push of a button lowers and raises the lift to reduce the risk of slipping or falling on slippery surfaces.

5. Adjustable bed

Get a good night’s sleep and awake in the morning feeling refreshed. Raise the adjustable bed to a comfortable seating position and safely step onto the floor. Adjustable bed also allows you to elevate aching legs and receive support for lower back.

4. Chair lift

There won’t be a struggle to get up from low, too soft seating with a chair lift. When ready to stand up, chair tilts forward gently lifting individuals to their feet. Eliminate straining lower backs!

3. Electric power chair

Ranking high at # 3 on disability living aids is the electric power chair. Freedom and ease of mobility keep those with limiting disabilities living independently and in control. Day to day activities will no longer be a chore.

2. Rolling walker

For those who just need a little extra assistance getting around, the rolling walker is the answer for them. With attached wheels, there is no need to lift the walker to move it forward as in traditional walkers. This walker rolls right along to make going for a stroll enjoyable.

1. Medical alarm

The #1 choice for disability aids is the medical alarm. Knowing that help is only a push of a button away is not only reassurance for the individual, but for loved ones as well. Getting professional medical help on the scene quickly saves countless lives.


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