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Top 10 Engagement Party Ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 25, 2011
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A list of the top 10 engagment party ideasContributed by Marnley Rodriguez, Top 10 Guru

Engagement parties have evolved into a more sophisticated event compromised of food, drinks and always fun!

The key to any party is organization and planning beforehand. Delegate the work to your closest friends and be sure to have enough activities planned.

Here are my top ten engagement party ideas:

10. Jungle dance party

A jungle dance party is one of the top ten engagement party ideas

Dance Parties are the simplest of parties but normally one of the most fun! Add a theme to the party, such as a Jungle theme, add jungle decor (big silk potted palm trees and ferns are a great place to start!) and have everyone dress like Jane and Tarzan. This will add sexiness and fun to your party!

9. Cocktail party

A cocktail party is one of the top ten engagement party ideas

Cocktails are a big trend right now, especially unique ones. What better way to share with friends than have everyone bring to the party their favorite cocktail recipes? Have a full stocked bar, bar and wine accessories and glasses so that each guest can make and share their own recipe!

8. Southern comfort

A southern theme is one of the top ten engagement party ideas

It doesn’t matter if the Bride or Groom is from the South, who doesn’t love Southern food? Southern food is comforting and brings guests together, especially if they are of an older age range. Have a pig roast, BBQ Ribs, Fried Chicken, Biscuits and Gravy and Iced Tea! Don’t neglect to offer trays of southern style candy to satisfy sweet tooths. Have everyone come in cowboy boots and learn how to Square Dance! Great idea for big families!

7. Beach party

A beach theme is one of the top ten engagement party ideas

If you are lucky enough to live close to a beach, take advantage of great weather and plan a Beach Engagement Party. Just check with your local authorities beforehand to see what the rules and regulations are. You can add luau decor and invite everyone to sport their favorite Hawaiian shirts for a festive touch. If they prevent from having a late night party, go ahead and plan a beach picnic to reunite friends and family before the Big Day!

6. Family traditions

Family traditions are the basis for one of the top ten engagement party ideas

Engagement Parties are a great way to get closer to each other’s family, so a Family Traditions Party is a perfect example of how the two families will come together. Ask each guest to bring copies of a family recipe and exchange them at the party. Provide folders for organizing the recipes and pre-arrange to make some of the special recipes for tasting!

5. Here comes the bride

Bride and groom auditions are a fun engagement party idea

Why not do a wedding audition and have everyone come dressed as either the Bride or Groom? A fun way to interact with your guests, a mock wedding also alleviates tense nerves!

4. Nautical theme

A nautical theme is a great engagement party idea

Add an elegant twist to an old favorite by decorating with ropes and fish nets. Guests should be warned they will be dressing like sailors! Coordinate your menu to evoke seafood dishes as well as your games.

3. Destination engagement

A destination theme is one of the top ten engagement party ideas

If you are one of the lucky couples having a Destination Wedding, why not go all out with a Destination Engagement? Without leaving the comfort of your own home, decorate in the style of the destination and serve drinks and food of the culture! Play travel videos from the country of choice This will get your guests ready for the real thing, whether it is Mexico, Paris, Hawaii or Spain!

2. Foodies also get married

Foodies will appreciate a food theme for their engagement party

The Culinary industry is sweeping the nation and more and more couples fall in love in the kitchen. If this is the case for you, throw a Foodie oriented party. Cater most of it but make some of your food specialties for that special touch!

1. Wine and dine night

Wine and dine night is one of the top ten engagement party ideas

Host a Wine Pairing dinner by organizing you guests to bring a specific wine paired with a simple but elegant dish. Print wine wheels, charts and information on what you will be drinking that night. Engage in sampling wine flavors and the night will forever be etched in your minds.

Whatever you choice may be, remember that what makes the party is not only the theme or ideas, but the guests that make up a party! Have a blast and celebrate this happy time in your life!


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