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Top 10 Essential Bloody Mary Ingredients

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 16, 2011
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A list of the top ten essential ingredients for excellent bloody marysContributed by David Galassi, Top 10 Guru

Bloody Mary. The Sunday brunch staple, hair-of-the-dog classic and one of the few before-noon alcoholic beverages that is almost universally acceptable.

To mix and serve a Bloody Mary in mixed drink knowledgeable circles, the host needs to make note of the top ten essential Bloody Mary ingredients. Have these on hand, displayed at the bar or on the breakfast buffet, and don’t forget to get them all in the right size Bloody Mary glass:

10. The juice

Plain tomato juice, clamato or V8 are the base of a bloody mary

Regular tomato juice can be replaced with V8 for a slightly saltier taste and some added flavor with a hint of celery seed. Clamato can also be used, which gives your Bloody Mary are sea-faring swing. Bloody Mary lovers like it their way, so if you are setting up a Bloody Mary bar, give guests options.

9. Horseradish

An essential ingredient of the Bloody Mary is horseradish

Horseradish adds some flavor along with hot and spice. Fresh shaved is best or use a bit of wasabi. Horseradish is especially tasty when starting your Bloody Mary with Clamato.

8. Celery

Dress up your Bloody Mary with a tall leafy celery stalk

The old favorite…celery stalk. A true necessity. Don’t put some little hors d’oeuvres size pieces in there – they will be swimming and not suitable for crunching. Go for a whole hearty stock. Leave the leaves. This really dresses up your Bloody Marys.

7. Tomatoes

Skewer cherry tomatoes as an ingredient for Bloody Marys

Tomatoes in tomato juice? Absolutely. Campari or cherry tomatoes and a lemon wedge. Floating a Bloody Mary on a pick yields tiny, rosy tomatoes that burst in your mouth when chomped on with a gulf of the liquid. Soak ‘em in potato vodka overnight and you’ve loaded your Bloody Mary with an extra kick.

6. Vodka

Mix your Bloody Mary with potato vodka as your preferred spirit

The choices, the choices. Although science (check out the Episode 50 of Mythbusters) has proven that spending the extra for a premium vodka to mix with tomato juice, veggies and tabasco is a bloody waste of money. Go for potato vodka. May as well keep it all in the veggie family.

5. Lea & Perrins

Lea & Perrins worcestershire is an essential ingredient for the perfect Bloody Mary

Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce. A few drops and don’t overkill. Bloody Mary lovers will know if you forgot this ingredient.

4. A1

A1 adds the beef to your Bloody Mary ingredient list

A1. Yes steak sauce adds some zing and real flavor. Get it? Beefsteak tomato – Bloody Mary – steak sauce. Of course. This ingredient will give your Bloody Mary backbone. Legs. Backbone and legs.

3. Pepperoncini

Pepperoncini adds vinegar zing to the Bloody Mary ingredients

The pepperoncini goes nxt to the cherry tomato on the pick. Make sure you’re using substantial Bloody Mary size picks. Little bamboo skewers do the trick nicely. The vinegar taste of the pepperoncini combined with the horseradish is a treat.

2. Pickled veggies

Get creative with the pickled vegetables in your Bloody Mary ingredients

Okra, brussel sprouts, green beans, green or black olives, Etc. You pick as they are all good. Stuff the olives? Blue cheese or anchovies!

1. Chili powder

Ingredient number one is a dusting of chili powder on the glass rim

Mix the chili powder in equal parts with your celery salt and bar salt and dust the rim. Rub the glass with a lime first. Yummy. Of course, even though this is the last ingredient on this list, it is #1 for exhibiting your Bloody Mary mixing skills. It is also the first step in making a Bloody Mary. Of course you take care of this before you load in the other essential ingredients.


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