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Top 10 Etsy Blogs

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 7, 2012
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Etsy blogsContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

If you have heard of the name Etsy but aren’t quite sure what it is, you may be surprised to learn that it is not only a social website but a thriving business as well.

The e-business centers on marketing, selling and purchasing items that are primarily homemade or vintage and usually consisting of crafts, art and design products. Etsy is a great social media website that has increased in popularity and sellers the past decade thanks to its business and marketing potential. Bloggers may start to showcase their own homemade items and designs as a creative outlet but this outlet can also become a source of revenue by selling the crafty items. In fact, successful, hardworking Etsy bloggers have even transitioned into making their site a business and full-time career. Check out the following top ten etsy blogs to discover some new great sites to bookmark or blogroll.

10. The Design Junkie

Design Junkie

If you are an interior decorator wannabe, you are sure to love esty blogs such as The Design Junkie. Look for the blogging author’s own creative ideas to decorate and furnish her house in unusual, savvy and fun ways.

9. Mod Human Vintage

Mod Human Vintage

The etsy blog Mod Human Vintage focuses on fashion design and accessories. In particular, MHV showcases interesting types of clothing, handbags and decorative, cutesy trinkets. The tag line “the episodes of a mad human” reveals just how much the blog author loves what she does.

8. Jewels Things

Jewels Things

Followers of the esty blog Jewels Things will appreciate its simplicity and general information about selling and buying. The website features new specials, rare finds, tips on where to look for particular items as well as links to other sells or upcoming events.

7. Everything Etsy

Everything Etsy

The website Everything Etsy is an all-encompassing blog that is about all things Etsy and Etsy-related. The blog’s authors recognized the huge potential that Etsy had for new and former bloggers in terms of marketability and job potential. With the boom of the internet and online shopping, Everything Etsy is the go-to site to learn more about Etsy, other blogs and helpful resources.

6. Life & Oh-La-Dee

Life & Oh-La-Dee

Check out life at etsy blog Life & Oh-La-Dee for author Jodi’s musings on life, parenthood and creativity. Jodi has a tab on her site for Special Needs Resources that is particularly useful for parents, guardians and teachers of special needs children.

5. Etsy

Etsy blog

A list of the top etsy blogs would be amiss without the Etsy blog itself. Catch up on what other Etsy bloggers and sellers have to say on their front page series and look back through former newsletters for ideas and inspiration.

4. Two Nerdy History Girls

Two Nerdy History Girls

Two Nerdy History Girls may become a quick favorite of yours thanks to the quirky writers, Loretta and Susan who also write historical romance and history respectively. Check their blog for old-century clothing and designs as well as recycled clothes that have been remade into beautiful fashion pieces.

3. The Belle and the Beau

The Belle and The Beau

Etsy blog The Belle and the Beau is a blog come true for future and soon-to-be brides. Find an assortment of clothing and accessories such as men’s bow ties and women’s hair clips to match your own styling needs. The site also offers many discounts on purchased items, appealing to those watching their wallets.

2. LoraynLeather


Blog author of LoraynLeather features specialty leather items such as handbags, camera accessories and wallets. Loray lives in Hong Kong and started her blog after discovering her passion for photography and leather craft and need for a creative life.

1. Ashley Pahl

Ashley Pahl

A featured seller on the Etsy Blog, Ashley Pahl‘s self-named blog showcases beautiful handmade cards and stationary designed for birthdays, anniversaries or any special day or person. Check out her site and browse through greeting cards to find one that says “You are my Sunshine” or “Let’s have tea” for a special someone in your life.

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