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Top 10 Facebook and Twitter Mistakes To Get You Fired

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 23, 2010
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Contributed by Aurora LaJambre, Info Guru

We all want to be heard, but perhaps the internet provides us with one too many platforms to air our grievances. Social networkers of every age are making headlines for doing their part to define the term ‘facebook fired’ while reckless tweets from grumpy days past haunt job candidates.

In the past, rabble-rousers could spend Sundays on their soapbox in the public square, Sunday nights shooting tequila at the bar, and their bosses would be none the wiser come Monday morning. In theory, one could do the same today.

Except that everyone has a Facebook and Twitter account and what good is having such user-friendly megaphones if we don’t use them? Instead of launching the masses into 15 minutes of glory, social media compels us to share the thoughts, pictures and rants best suited for the ‘delete’ button.

Here are the Top 10 Facebook and Twitter mistakes that get people fired:

10. Unprivate privacy settings

In Boston, an educator of 30 years forgot to check her privacy settings before publicly posting the kids in her school were “arrogant and annoying” and that she wasn’t looking forward to another year. According to, she lost her job and instead of dreading her students, she worries about her career and future.

9. Being a hater

“F****** hate like all but 3 of my coworkers! F***!” Now go, little Tweet. Into the world where this fellow’s coworkers and future employers are likely to find this Twitter account through his email address and think some not-so-nice things about him.

8. Unsportsman-like comments

Bashing your hometown baseball team in a Facebook post: grounds for firing? If you’re a Pittsburgh Pirate pierogi, one of the team mascots paid to dance and race around the PNC Park after the 5th inning, then yes. The offending post commented on the extension of players’ contracts and read: “…That means a 19-straight losing streak. Way to go Pirates.”

7. Psychological assessment

“My boss is super bipolar and its making me that way. BTW Have a great day ps I hate you”. Nothing says “management material” like the inability to refrain from badmouthing your boss to Twitter, which is like permanently skywriting your opinions on a cloud that will follow you around forever. Because Google doesn’t forget.

6. Got tip?

“Thanks for eating a Brixx you cheap pieces of s-,” a 22-year old waitress in North Carolina said two days before she was fired. Is the momentary satisfaction of dropping the virtual ‘S’ bomb over a $5 tip probably worth losing a job over. Maybe try counting to 10 before logging onto Facebook?

5. You’ll need a Dr’s note

Many naughty employees succumb to the fake sick day temptation from time to time. However, only the best and brightest bother Tweet their doings: “When I dnt wanna b at work, I fake sick just so I can go home!” Bonus points for the exclamation point. If you’ve ever insisted on being the banker at Monopoly only, but couldn’t truly enjoy getting away with your crime until telling your victims exactly how you did it, a la Scooby Do, you may want to delete your Twitter account now.

4. Need help making up your mind?

“I don’t know which way to go, so I’m holding a poll” is all good to post on Facebook if you’re wavering on taking a trip or making a big purchase. Not so good if you’re a juror discussing the details of your case.

3. Is it in your job description?

“First day at my ‘job on the side’! Hope they don’t mind me twittering during work hours :p” Unless your job title is ‘Twitterer’, those people who pay you to do stuff that benefits their company, a.k.a. employers, probably won’t see the wisdom in giving you money to tweet about twittering on their dime.

2. Know who your friends really are

Tweeting about tweeting during work hours. What begins with: “OMG I HATE MY JOB!!! My boss is a total pervvy w***** always making me do [‘S’ bomb] stuff just to piss me off!! W*****!” and ends with said pervvy boss commenting: “…I guess you forgot about adding me on here?…i’m gay…Don’t bother coming in tomorrow…”? A Facebook conversation, of course.

1. The client is always right

You’re the decision maker at your company responsible for investing large amounts of money into marketing or business development. You have a stack of SEO proposals on your desk from qualified start-ups or freelancers. Tweets like this: “*shudder* Doin an – I can barely say it – SEO proposal for a website. I hate big clients, but they have money and I like money” make it too easy to say ‘NO’.

Remember, we all have complaints about work. Vent to someone you know, not in the public domain. Google neither keeps secrets nor forgets.

Young people make mistakes, not really grasping that what they say on Facebook or Twitter can echo for years to come. You will have bills to pay in the future, you will need an income. You want to put your best foot forward — and that includes your virtual foot.


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