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Top 10 Fashion Tips to Look Slimmer

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 3, 2011
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Simple fashion tips give the illusion of a slimmer figureContributed by Elyse Perez, Top 10 Guru

Ever since Summer ended, you’ve been stuffing yourself with holiday fixings. I don’t blame you. It’s tough being a woman. Every year we make sacrifices in order to fit into that tiny bikini.

As soon as Summer rolls on by, its finally time to get into your sweats (no sweating involved), and give into sweets! If you gain a few pounds here and there, no problem, I have pulled together my top ten fashion tips to look slimmer without stepping foot in a gym.

10. Love it

Buy clothes you love and that express your personal style. Feeling comfortable in your clothing will make you stand straight and walk with confidence. Tall and confident = illusion of slim. If a certain fashion trend is not “you,” no matter how hot it is, move on to the next fashion option. There is something for everyone.

9. Hats

Wearing a hat is a savvy slimming fashion tip

The right hat draws attention upward, accents your face and adds the illusion of height, which is slimming. Many savvy fashionistas have a whole wardrobe of women’s hats to match their whole wardrobe of clothing.

8. Mind your undergarments

poorly fitting underwear and bras create fattening bulge

Bulge created by poorly fitting underwear and brassieres is no one’s friend. Opt for slimming shapewear to give your body a bulge-free and flattering silhouette.

7. Necklines

Choose flattering necklines: Go for tops that accentuate the best parts of you. Choosing blouses with lower necklines can help elongate your neck and bring attention to your face. Be careful not to pick tops with extreme plunging necklines, as they will bring all the attention to the bust and everything else beneath.

6. Avoid cling

Blousey tops are a slimming fashion tip

Stay away from cling: Resort to blousy tops and pieces that fall away from the body. This tip is great for hiding those extra few pounds you put on over the winter. Just make sure you choose tops that are long enough, preferably a few inches past your waistline. And make sure that your clothes are the correct size; cling created by wearing one or two sizes too small is not attractive and can add pounds to your look.

5. Layers

Wearing layers is a slimming fashion tip

Have fun with layers! This tip is slightly trickier. If done incorrectly, layers can leave you looking bigger than you really are. Choose pieces, like sweaters and cardigans, that are fitted at the top and flow away from the body at the bottom. This trick will hide those unwanted areas, and is so much easier than wearing something that is supposed to suck you in, leaving you feeling constricted and uncomfortable.

4. Empire waists

Empire waists are a slimming fashion tip

Look for empire-waisted tops. This style cuts right below the bust, accentuating the smallest part of your body and leaving everything else below to the imagination.

3. Stay straight

Wideleg pants are a slimming fashion tip

That is, when it comes to pant styles. Wearing pants that are straight or wide-legged creates a line that stands away from the body, hiding any bumps and dimples. Your legs will look long, smooth, and sexy.

2. High-waists

High waist skirt is slimming

Pick out high-waisted bottoms. Whether it’s a skirt or pants, wearing bottom pieces higher on the waist will help hold you in, keeping those troubled areas taut and firm.

1. Wear heels!

High heel pumps are a slimming fashion tip

Yes, it’s that simple. By elevating your heels you’re able to slightly flex the leg muscles without any effort, making your legs look tight and toned. A nice pair of moderately high heeled pumps will do a world of good to make you look slimmer.

Whether it’s business casual or a night out on the town, with these ten fashion tips you will be FIT for any occasion.


One Response to “Top 10 Fashion Tips to Look Slimmer”

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