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Top 10 Feng Shui Bedrooms Tips

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 3, 2012
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A list of the top ten feng shui bedroomsContributed by Heather Vecchioni, Top 10 Guru

Having good Feng Shui in your bedroom means having positive flow and harmony present.

And a way to keep that energy peaceful and good is to decorate and position your furniture in certain ways. If you feel like something is lacking in the bedroom or just want it to flow better, you might be able to improve the feeling of the room by paying attention to how feng shui bedrooms work and feel.

10. Open Your Windows

A list of the top ten feng shui bedrooms

Allow some fresh air and nice breezes to come into your bedroom by opening your windows. Doing this can improve the quality of the air in the room, which can make the feng shui better. If you can’t open your window, place an air purifier in your room. Doing so makes the air feel better, which can improve the flow.

9. Bed Placement

A list of the top ten feng shui bedrooms tips

A lot of rules pertain to bed placement. For instance, your bed should not face a mirror or be in line with a door. It should also not sit under a window or a sloped ceiling. Additionally, the bed should be accessible from both sides and should sit away from the door. All of these positions negatively affect your energy.

8. Soothing Colors

A list of the top ten feng shui bedrooms tips

Choosing the right colors to adorn your room with definitely affects the feng shui of your bedroom. Using soothing hues for walls, flooring, comforters and other bedding, and artwork helps calm you and make your bedroom a safe place. Shades that are best for your room are those that are found on skin. For instance, any skin tones in the range of pale white to dark brown are best.

7. Close the Doors

A list of the top ten feng shui bedrooms tips

When you catch some Z’s at night, make sure all the doors in your room are shut. The closet, bedroom and any other doors in the room should be closed to prevent your energy from leaving while you snooze. Doing so can also improve your health.

6. Improve the Lighting

A list of the top ten feng shui bedrooms tips

Your room needs more than one light source for it to get its feng shui on. Adorn your room with multiple decorative lamps and toxic-free candles. You can even install a dimmer switch to change the light in the room.

5. Up Against a Wall

A list of the top ten feng shui bedrooms tips

In order to feel safe and secure, and to get the most out of your feng shui bedroom, you should place your bed against a sturdy wall. Additionally, the bed should have a headboard. And your bed linens should be soft and comfortable, and the best quality you can afford, because they can help you to rest and relax better.

4. Be Careful What You Hang

A list of the top ten feng shui bedrooms

Your bedroom should be filled with peace, happiness and love. Therefore, the wall hangings and images in your bedroom or placed throughout should mirror those feelings. Avoid hanging sad, lonely, disturbing or otherwise unpleasant pictures or paintings, as it will disrupt the feng shui and cause those feelings to possibly enter into your life.

3. Bedside Manners

A list of the top ten feng shui bedrooms tips

Believe it or not, even your bedside table can affect your room’s feng shui. Always place bedside tables on both sides of the bed to create a balance around your resting place. Additionally, choose rounded tables, as square or rectangle tables are thought to expose you to harmful energy.

2. Get Rid of the Clutter

A list of the top ten feng shui bedrooms tips

If your bedroom is full of piles of clothing, magazines or whatnot, it’s time to get rid of it. You can’t have a simple, free-flowing life if you are surrounded by clutter. Clean your room and make it as serene and simple as possible. Doing so will likely cause the same characteristics to enter your life.

1. Toss the Television

Your bedroom is a place for relaxation. You can’t necessarily relax and unwind if you’re watching TV while in there. So get rid of your television to improve your feng shui. While you’re at, kick out your computer or anything else that gets in your way of total relaxation.

Implementing these feng shui bedrooms ideas into yours can improve your life and make your bedroom a place of serenity.


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