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Top 10 Formal Dinner Occasions

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 3, 2011
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A list of the top ten formal dinner occasionsContributed by Marnely Rodriguez, Top 10 Guru

Formal Dinner Occasions deserve more than great food, they deserve amazing dishware and glassware to accompany it.

Serving the most delicious dishes in unappealing dinnerware makes the experience not as elegant. Make sure you food tastes as good as it looks!

10. Proposal

A proposal is one of the top ten formal dinner occasions

Invite you loved one to dinner at your home and tell them to dress up. Invent any reason to bring them over, make their favorite food, light candles, romantic lighting and soft music playing as they walk in. Surprise them with the ring around the salt shaker or inside the champagne flute (just be extra sure they don’t drink it!)

9. Dessert Tasting

Hosting a dessert tasting is one of the top ten formal dinner occasions

Hosting a Dessert Tasting will probably be the “sweetest” occasion to celebrate. Choose simple but elegant desserts with varied ingredients as to not saturate your guests, such as: Fruit, Chocolate, Tart, Cake, Mousse and Mignardies. Serve your desserts on elegant footed cake plates and pastry stands.

8. Sushi Night

Sushi or tea is a great formal dinner occasion

The delicate art of sushi making is obtainable with fresh ingredients and a good disposition to learn. Find online videos on easy rolls and sashimi and pair with Sake. Offer a floral or jasmine tea and serve with an elegant Japanese tea set.

7. Cocktail inspired

Cocktail inspired entertaining is one of the top ten formal dinner occasions

Cocktails pair perfectly with dinner courses if and only you take into account both sets of ingredients. Don’t overwhelm your guests by serving a Cucumber and Orange Salad and pairing it with a Cucumber Gin & Tonic with Lemon Zest. Use the correct glassware for the type of cocktails you are serving. Don’t use the same glasses throughout the evening. Pairing doesn’t necessarily mean the same ingredients, but similar flavors. A great idea is to balance: pair spicy entrees with refreshing drinks.

6. Wine night

Wine tasting is one of the top ten formal dinner occasions

Just like Cocktails, wine pairings allow the host to showcase a specific wine region or grape variety. Decant the wine if appropriate. Match your wine glasses to the type of wines you are serving.

5. Graduation dinner

Graduation dinner is one of the top ten formal dinner occasions

To celebrate such a joyous occasion, make sure to have the graduate’s favorite dishes, as well as new ones. Have guests share stories of having seen the graduate reach their present goal. Serve the meal on your family’s favorite china, or purchase a new set of colorful tableware to use that evening then gift to the new grad to start their own traditions.

4. Anniversary celebration

An Italian dinner theme is in the top ten formal dinner occasions

Celebrate your love by remaking a special dish you’ve both shared. Maybe it was the perfect pasta in Italy or that great burger one night after dancing. Elevate the dish and serve on fine dishware to make the occasion even more memorable. For example, a great Italian meal will present perfectly on luxury Italian ceramics, that are also part of your anniversary gift.

3. Engagement party

An engagment is one of the top ten formal dinner occassions

Love is the perfect excuse to host a formal dinner and an engagement is even better! To make your Engagement part extra special, serve traditional recipes (with a modern twist) from both sides of the family of the future bride and groom.

2. Wedding dinner

Celebrating a wedding is a formal dinner occasion

With monogrammed china dinnerware, the special details are covered. Classic and elegant, choose dishes that are simple and enhance the food, not take away from it. Focus the attention on what you are serving, all while on beautifully crafted dishes. You are celebrating a wedding and perhaps entertaining the first time as a married couple.

1. Spring Soiree

botanic dishware

You can either construct a menu and choose dinnerware around it or do the exact opposite by choosing the dinnerware first and having it inspire your menu! Both ways will result in a great evening. Dinnerware with botanic themes and lush green floral designs, is perfect for a spring soiree.


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