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Top 10 Garden Bargains

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 15, 2012
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gardening bargainsContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

As the seasons change from winter to spring and then to summer, gardeners and green thumbs alike become excited about planting bright and beautiful gardens.

Gardening can be a wonderful past-time that will give you some exercise and the opportunity to exercise your creative mind. However, you may find that planning a garden that is economical and within your budget can prove to be difficult considering the cost of many supplies, plants and tools.

Consider the following top ten garden bargains to avoid digging yourself into a costly hole this spring and summer.

10. Recycled cans

recycled can

A top garden bargain tip is to use recycled cans as a plant holder or container for herbs and flowers in your gardens. If cans aren’t sturdy enough, they can used as garden décor by simply dressing them up with some paint or a colorful fabric.

9. Utensils

kitchen utensils

Buying several garden tools can be expensive and many gardeners may find they are easy to lose requiring yearly replacements. Try using utensils as a garden bargain savior by saving old forks and knives to lift seedlings and separate flats in your garden.

8. Recycle paper

recycle newspapers

Use old papers such as shredded newspapers, catalogs or magazine pages to add to compost piles. You can also ball all shredded, dampened newspapers and place in a garden to help eschew and trap pesky intruders.

7. Coffee grounds

coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are an inexpensive way to improve the water-holding capacities of certain soils in a garden. Simply sprinkle grounds at the base and around the roots of plants.

6. Soap off


Keep garden critters and wild animals away with a strong-scented item such as a bar of soap broken and hung from bags in garden trees.

5. Tin cans


Save old tin cans hanging around your kitchen or garage to use as a garden barrier. Gardeners need only to cut off the top and bottoms of cans, press into the soil and plant away for a safeguard against critters and worms.

4. Garden Bargains

look for bargains

Look online to find a bevy of helpful garden bargain tips and websites devoted to building a better garden. Garden Bargains is an online site that will help you find what you are looking for from plants to trees and tools.

3. Coupons

garden bargains online

Check newspapers and flyers for coupons and vouchers that will help you save money on garden purchases. Many online garden stores offer coupons and deals as well as great seeds, tools and lots of gardening ideas and tips.

2. Bottle Markers

bottle markers

Cut empty soft-drink or water bottles into long strings and use as plant markers for a portion of the cost of buying in-store. If you cut them into circles, without a break, you can position them where the seeds will sprout so that plants grow up through the marker – it will stay with the plant and not blow or wash away as stems get larger.

1. Watering can bargain

watering can

There’s no need to purchase a new watering can when you have old spray bottles around your house. Alternatively, bottles can be used by simply punching holes in the lids and near the handle to let water out and air in.

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