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Top 10 Gifts for College Grads

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 24, 2011
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A list of the top ten college graduation giftsContributed by Marnely Rodriguez, Top 10 Guru

For parents, the college graduation of their child is one of the biggest accomplishments.

For the graduates, it’s time to head into the real world and these gifts will prepare them to enjoy it! Here are my suggestions for the top ten gifts for college grads:

10. Tablet


A laptop was perfect for college days, when writing papers, playing games and surfing social media was the rule of the day. But when the new grad heads out into the workplace, a powerful, compact tablet will become a must-have. A laptop is just too big and bulky to drag from place to place when there are meeting notes to take, books and reports to read over lunch, and oh, yeah, social media. Hey some things never change!

9. Luggage

Filson travel bag

Cardboard boxes and plastic totes might have been just fine for the annual trips to and from college. But once the ink s dry on that degree, it’s time for something a little more sophisticated.

So what kind should you get? Skip the fancy label suitcases that can’t stand up to a simple flight, and opt for something a lot more durable. Filson Luggage will stand up to road trips, plane flights, and almost anything else a young traveler can throw at it. And it even folds down to stash under a bed or in a tiny closet — perfect for those less-than-spacious first apartments!

8. Outdoor gear


If the newly-minted graduate loves the great outdoors, give a gift that will be used for years of outdoor adventures. A roomie tent, a set of skis or a sleek kayak is a wonderful way to celebrate a graduation and remind the new grad that the fun is just beginning.

7. Meditation tools

Meditation tools and instruction are a great college graduation gift

To help with real world stress and pressures, a gift of yoga classes or meditation supplies might just be the perfect choice. Present the spirituality-focused grad with a membership in a yoga studio near their new job. Or choose meditation supplies like zafus (meditation cushions), soothing music or a meditation timer.

6. Find something unusual

Unique, one-of-a-kind gifts are in the top ten college graduation gifts

Everything from men’s accessories, to sports memorabilia and more, a unique gift is something you won’t find in stores. Look for niche catalogs, online stores offering one-of-kind merchandise and collections of gift items that you wouldn’t think of on your own.

5. Business cards

Business cards are in the top ten college graduation gifts

If you know the graduate’s style and information, you can gift business cards with their name, number, email and website. This is a great communication tool for future business transactions.

4. Wine club

A wine club is one of the top ten college graduation gifts

After long day of working and stressing, help your graduate wind down with the gift of fine wine. And while you’re at it. consider including a gift certificate to a wine tasting or wine pairing seminar. After four years of box wine, they’ll really need to learn what good wine is all about.

3. Home decor

Buying home decor for your college grad is a great graduation gift

A college graduate will probably be moving into their first “adult” home. So why not present them with a gift card for a shop offering their favorite style? (A word of advice…if you don’t know what they like, stick to a gift certificate to a home furnishing catalog that offers a lot of different types of decor. That way they’ll be able to find something they love, instead of something they have to learn to live with!)

2. Watch

A classy, business-like watch is a great college graduation gift

Graduates are always running to interviews, meetings, reunions and dates so help them be on time with a lovely timepiece that will only get better with time.

1. Cruise

A cruise is the top college graduation gift on this list of ten

Because after all those sleepless nights and studying, a graduate deserves a little fun in the sun!

Plan ahead for most of these gifts, especially if they will be personalized! Remember to always take into account the graduates style, sense of humor and short term goals as to gift something practical and that they will enjoy.


One Response to “Top 10 Gifts for College Grads”

  1. on July 12th, 2011 5:44 pm

    Following up on the Home Decor suggestion, I’d like to mention the idea of getting your grad a new desk lamp to reward him or her for all that studying.