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Top 10 Gifts for Family and Friends

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 10, 2012
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gifts for family and friendsContributed by Info Guru Oliver VanDervoort

Finding the perfect present for anyone can be a bit difficult.

It can be even more difficult when you are talking about a family friend. These are people who may know your mother and father almost as well as they know you and the pressure can be on to find the best possible present you can think of. These presents have to the kind that are generic enough that they can be enjoyed by anyone, but personal enough that they know you put some thought into them.

So without further ado … the top ten gifts for family friends:

10. Crystal Housewares

Crystal Housewares

One of the nicer gifts for family friends is a nice piece of crystal housewares like a bowl or simple decoration. This particular present will give whoever puts it in their home a little bit of flair. The nice thing about this kind of item is that there are so many different styles to choose from that you will almost surely find one that fits your friend.

9. Chocolate Gift Basket

Chocolate gift basket

The question surrounding this particular gift is … who doesn’t love chocolate? This is the gift that can keep on giving because they will be able to eat the delights in a gourmet chocolate basket at their leisure. It’s also not something that they will need to find a special place in their house for. Once they gobble the contents of the basket down, the need for space goes away.

8. Cigars & Accessories


Granted this particular present is going to go to a very specific kind of family friend, but there is something more than just giving someone something to smoke. When you give someone a set of really good cigars you are giving them an item they can share with other people, that way it builds the friendship even more. Don’t forget all of the little goodies that go along with cigars, including cutters and lighters.

7. Baby Gift Basket

Baby Gift Basket

You will see that gift baskets are one way in which you can get a bunch of little items in one package. Like cigars, this is a much more personalized gift, because it’s useless unless the family friend has a baby, but if they have been blessed with a new child, then this basket of baby items will come in very handy.

6. Keurig Coffee Maker

Keurig Coffeemaker

Who doesn’t love to make themselves a pot of coffee when they get up in the morning, or with dinner in the evening. These Keurig K-Cup coffee makers have become all the rage thanks to the ability to make a cup of coffee quickly and easily. With something like this, you’re almost guaranteed an invite over to sample the present so it’s a win-win.

5. Bath Products

Bath Products

While this might seem like the kind of item you give to someone you don’t like, the fact of the matter is, that a spa retreat gift basket with this many products really can come in handy. There are people out there who love themselves a good long bath, soaking in many different products and letting the cares of the world melt away.

4. Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch

This is another item that might seem as if it is centered on a male friend, but women are using these as a sort of accessory as well as men. There are all kinds of different pocket watches that can even be engraved with designs that a woman would love, making this a sort of unisex present.

3. Wine

A fine wine is a great gift choice. But a wine gift basket is even better. Choose a basket by occasion, or select your favorite vineyard. Either way, the luck recipient is sure to raise a glass to toast your thoughtfulness.

2. Meat


While some might think that this is yet another item on the list that would be more accepted from a man than a woman, there is very little doubt that everyone enjoys a great cut of meat. You can also replace the gourmet steak with a pork chop or veal or a selection of cuts you feel your friends will enjoy. Like some many gifts on this list, the good cut of meat is something that can be shared, it’s a communal gift, which makes sense since you are already good friends.

1. A Trip

Cruise Ship

Granted, giving a trip to someone who is little more than a great family friend may seem a bit extravagant, but that is why it is #1 on the list. This present might seem a little less extreme if it is a situation where you are going on the trip with them and are simply paying for their ticket.

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