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Top 10 Great Expert Gardener Gifts

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 7, 2011
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A list of the top ten expert gardener giftsContributed by Marnely Rodgriguez, Top 10 Guru

The gardener in your group of friends and family will appreciate the detailed though that went into getting them any of the gifts below.

Each are selected by taking into account what gardeners need, both practical and functional!

10. Ultimate wellies

Ultimate wellies are one of the top ten expert gardener gifts

Gardeners are literally, grounded beings. Help them keep their feet on the ground dry and stylish with the ultimate wellies made in Denmark. Fully waterproof and inner lining keeps their feet warm and dry, and the classic look will make them feel like they’re ready to create the perfect English garden!

9. Low profile accent lights

Garden lights are one of the top ten gifts for expert gardeners

An after dinner walk through your garden is a calm and relaxing moment and low profile outdoor lights will make your garden glow in the sunset. Illuminates your gardens, pathways and walkways throughout the even and nighttime after charging with a full day of sunshine!

8. Gardening accessories

garden apron at Stark Bro's

Simple gifts are sometimes the most appreciated. Gardeners spend most of their time weeding, trimming and planting, and any variety of garden tools and accessories, growing supplies, and gardening books are always appreciated.

7. Home weather station

Weather station is one of the top ten gifts for expert gardeners

To keep track of the upcoming weather, nothing better than a personal weather station that can be kept easily on your windowsill. Sunny days ahead or rainy showers? You’ll be prepared for that late spring rain or early autumn frost, without having to rely on TV stations or even login in to the Internet. This is also a great way to get young gardeners excited about what’s happening outside!

6. Reel mower

Reel mower is one of the top ten gifts for an expert gardener

Light, Efficient and Green! Ecologically friendly, this reel mower will get the job done in a much simpler way, allowing you to cut your grass precisely and fast. (It’s also great exercise, without having to head to the gym!)

5. Veggie cages

Veggie cages are one of the top ten expert gardener gifts

Even the most expert gardeners need help growing their tomato plants and vines. With the help of these Veggie cages, gardening and harvesting your tomato plants will be a cinch! The cage provides that extra support the plants need, while keeping tender plants safe from running dogs or active kids.

4. Oriental stir fry collection

Seed collections are one of the top ten gifts for expert gardeners

Every mean has an end, right? Put together a collection of seeds so that your efforts will end up on your plate with some delicious stir fry ingredients that will make your mouth water. My choice would be an “oriental stir fry” collection including: snow peas, two varieties of pak choi, plus two more varieties of Chinese greens! Or, try an Italian herb collection.

3. River stone accents

engraved stones

River stone accents make your garden complete, especially when you order them with personal inscriptions. Customize beautiful river rocks with meaningful quotes, names or lines from a favorite poem.

2. Springhouse

A spring house is one of the top ten gifts for expert gardeners

Can’t wait to start planting but Mother Nature thinks that it should still be winter? Get a head start by installing an easy to assemble spring house! You’ll be ready with strong seedlings as soon as spring arrives for real.

1. Soil analyzer

Soil analyzer is one of the top ten gifts for expert gardeners

A pro-quality soil analyzer will become the expert gardener’s faithful companion! It will monitor “the conditions of soil pH, soil moisture, light intensity and total combined nitrogen, phosphorus and potash levels”. What more could you ask for?!

Any of these gifts will make a gardener happy and if you want to make it an extra special gift, add a few of heritage seed packets, as well as a good book on their favorite plant!

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