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Top 10 Greek Rush Ideas

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

August 29, 2011
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Contributed by Lindsay Shugerman, Top 10 Guru

Greek Rush is one of the best parts of college. Whether you’re a newbie Freshman, going from house to house, or are planning this season’s rush for your own sorority or fraternity, rush is blast.

Well, except for the trying to come up with fresh ideas each year for rush themes and parties. But we have you covered. Here are 10 great Greek rush ideas sure to make planning easier and keep bids coming in.

10. Animal rescue animal house

Who says you can’t do something good at a rush party? This theme combines the classic toga-clad style of Belushi’s classic film with a chance to save some pups in need of homes. Pick a rescue group, and have them bring some adoptable dogs, then make it a fundraiser for the rescues.

Host this Greek rush party outdoors, so there’s plenty of exposure for the pups, and plenty of space for a party in the true Roman style.

9. Live on Broadway

Make this rush party a theatrical event, complete with a costume area, a make-up artist, auditions, and of course, the Playbill program. Enlist some good photographers from your sorority or fraternity to take digital snaps of the cast then upload them throughout the evening to a big screen for instant entertainment.

8. Roaring 20’s

The days of bathtub gin, rolled stockings, speakeasies, and iconic mobsters makes a great theme for a Greek rush party. Have early “talkies” playing on the big screen, serve a non-alcoholic version of “hooch” in bottles with your frat or sorority name on the labels.

7. Fantasy football

Some big posters with diagrams of plays on them, a big screen showing your school’s team in one of their best games (hey, not every school has a winning team!), and of course a fantasy football game program running on a couple of computers around the party (big monitors make it even better) and you’re there. Serve game snacks, tap a keg if that’s allowed at your school), and party on!

6. John Hughes Reduex

With movies like National Lampoon’s Vacation, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Weird Science, The Breakfast Club, Some Kind of Wonderful, Sixteen Candles, and Pretty in Pink to choose from, there are endless Greek Rush ideas just waiting to be created. Pick one, or center your whole rush week around his films. Been awhile since you’ve seen them? Grab a couple these classic films and make a night of it, with notebook in hand for planning.

5. Asian adventure

Take your rush to the exotic Far East, with an Asian adventure theme. Pick one country, or set up rooms or areas for several, complete with food and themed favors. If you do several countries, make up passports, with your house as the issuing country, to be stamped at each table.

4. Take to the skies

Pilots, stewardesses (think the new PanAm show), and food on little trays. Add a mock of the “safety speech” we all know so well (does anyone actually listen to that anymore?), and you have a Greek rush idea sure to take off.

3. Frosty winter party

This theme is best for a rush during a hot month. Decorate the inside of the house with light blue lights, use spray-on snow on windows and mirrors, rent or create an ice fountain, and ask everyone to dress in winter clothes or in all in white. If anyone has skis or snowboards, use them as part of the décor. Crank down the air conditioning and bring out the après ski snacks.

2. Wear anything but clothes

No, this is not a nudist party, so chill! (Sorry, guys!) The rule is guests (and members) can wear anything that is NOT generally considered clothing. Outfits constructed from plastic trash bags, dresses made from newspaper, pants made from duct tape…all good. The more creative, the better. A tip…keep plenty of tape and staplers around for on-the-spot repairs!

1. So hipster it hurts

Hipsters aren’t like anyone else – except other hipsters. Watch The Hipster Song on YouTube, then start planning. Get the members of your fraternity or sorority to wear hoodies, Chuck Taylors and some Ray Bans, and practice looking bored. What to serve? Coffee, of course!

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