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Top 10 Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 14, 2012
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group halloween costume ideasContributed by Info Guru Paul Seaburn

You don’t need a partner to go to a Halloween party as a vampire, but it’s not much fun to show up wearing a Moe wig without a Larry and a Curly, or at least a Shemp.

Group Halloween costume ideas can come from the movies, sports, comic books, cartoons, fairy tales, even current events – think Occupy Halloween. Attending with friends dressed in a theme is a great way to sway the judges in the costume contest.

And it also improves your chances of not going home alone. It you’re looking for some group Halloween costume ideas, try these on for size.

10. Alice In Wonderland


Start with Alice in some sexy tights, then decide who is crazy enough to live up to the Mad Hatter costume. The King and Queen of Hearts are great for a couple and the White Rabbit costume goes to anyone who remembers all the words to the Jefferson Airplane song.

9. Muppets


The Muppets are a great group Halloween costume idea for kids or adults. Kids love dressing as their favorite characters while adults can have fun wondering if these version of Kermit and Miss Piggy will finally get together. No one can remember every character, so anyone with a furry costume and an attitude can join in and call themselves Skuzzy Bear.

8. Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore

Short skirts, tank tops and plenty of spray-on tan is all it takes for a Jersey Shore Halloween group. Add some big wigs for the gals and fake muscles and ‘six-packs’ for the guys and you’ve got the makings of a Jersey Shore party that can get as bad as it wants to be.

7. Pirates of the Caribbean


Pirates have always been a staple of scary Halloween costumes, but Captain Jack Sparrow made them sexy and cool. Captain Sparrow’s crew can fight over Angelica and Elizabeth Swann, while Davy Jones and Maccus Sharkman fight for best costume, accessorized with eye patches, hook hands and skull caps.

6. Woodstock


Baby boomers love remembering (or pretending to remember) the 1960s and a lot of them still have the clothes to prove they were there. A Woodstock group can have hippie guys and hippie chicks in bell-bottoms and tie-dyed shirts, or it can dress as a favorite band. You can even throw in a 50s look by dressing as members of Sha Na Na.

5. The Avengers


The blockbuster movie is loaded with enough superheroes to make a great crime-fighting Halloween group. Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and Maria Hill are a start. Open it up to characters from the comic books and you can add Spider Woman, Vision and many others.

4. E.R.


Be sexy or be scary as an E.R. Halloween group. Doctors, nurses and anyone in medical scrubs on the sexy side … accident victims, jilted nurses and doctors wearing surgical gloves on the scary side.

3. Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror

Not many theaters are doing the midnight showings anymore, so give your friends a chance to dress up as Frank N Furter and Magenta again with a Rocky Horror Picture Show group. If you can’t find an official costume, check out lingerie stores for corsets and stockings, then add super high platform shoes to recreate the look. Don’t forget the rice and toast!

2. Mad Men

Mad Men

The hot TV show would make a fashionable group costume idea – provided the party isn’t a non-smoking non-drinking event. Stylish suits for the guys and tight skirts for the ladies, with plenty of padding for the more buxom secretaries. Or make it a Mad Men advertising icon group and dress as the Marlboro Man and the Heinz Baked Beans housewife.

1. Step out of the video game

To some, it’s the world’s biggest time-waster…to others, it’s a great group Halloween costume idea. Get your friends together and dress up like your favorite video game characters. Or if you play more games on your phone than on a gaming system, look for app character costumes. Yeah, it’s geeky. But hey, that’s what cosplay is all about!

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