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Top 10 Hallmark Holidays

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 20, 2011
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One of the top ten Hallmark holidaysContributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

A holiday is coming up, and if you can’t spend it with your loved ones you do the next best thing: You call and/or you send a card either by snail mail or electronically.

Hallmark has had the holiday card in the bag and has for years. Indeed some “holidays” have become Holidays by virtue of Hallmark’s card marketing efforts.

If you had to guess, which holiday do you think enlists the most card sending? Is it Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day or perhaps Groundhog’s Day? You might be surprised.

The top 10 Hallmark holidays are as follows:

10. Happy Birthday to me!

One of the top ten Hallmark holidays

My birthday. It’s August 19th. Send money, too.

9. “Hey, Hallmark … how about …”

One of the top ten Hallmark holidays

We’re going to have to invent an occasion and appropriate card for the #9 spot. How about a … Glad You’re No Longer My Friend day or a Gee, Thanks for Stealing My Husband card. Alternatively, You Owe Me Money (day.)

8. St. Patrick’s Day

One of the top ten Hallmark holidays

Obviously, there are a lot of Irish people out there because eight million cards are sent in recognition of St. Patrick’s Day and this is done, even before they guzzle green beer and dance with leprechauns, loosening up their purse strings and inhibitions.

7. Thanksgiving

One of the top ten Hallmark holidays

Those Indians and Pilgrims certainly knew what they were up to. Thanksgiving really caught on. For many people, it is their family holiday. A total of 10 million cards is sent to family and friends every November.

6. Halloween

One of the top ten Hallmark holidays

All Hallow’s Eve is another top contender. Twenty million spooky cards are sent each year on Halloween. Did you know that Halloween colors, orange and black, specifically represent something? Orange, the color of the jack o’ lantern, means endurance, strength harvest and autumn and black is the symbols of darkness and death. When you dress up in a black witch’s outfit this is a reminded that Halloween was once a festival of the dead. It’s a lot more fun now. Jack ‘o lantern means night watchman or man with a lantern.

5. Easter

One of the top ten Hallmark holidays

The #5 spot goes to Easter. Fifty-seven million cards are sent each year to celebrate this occasion. Trivia: The Easter egg is symbolic of fertility. In ancient times when people saw a live creature spring forth from an egg they were astonished. During the Easter season, an egg is a symbol of the tomb from which Jesus arose. Like eggs, the Easter bunny and his compadres are also representative of fertility. You have heard the one about how rabbits reproduce with lightning speed.

4. Father’s Day

One of the top ten Hallmark holidays

Father’s Day is the fourth-best card selling day of the year. Ninety-four million cards are sent to dads and grandpas and great-grandpas. The men must be doing something right.

3. Mother’s Day

One of the top ten Hallmark holidays

Mother’s Day edges out Father’s Day by 45 million. There are 139 million cards sent each year on this occasion. We tip our hats to all mothers. We should. They deserve it.

2. Valentine’s Day

One of the top ten Hallmark holidays

On Valentine’s Day the postal service must certainly batten down the hatches. They are bu-sy. A total of 143 million Valentine’s cards is sent on this day of love. The origin of Valentine’s Day is a bit sketchy. The day is named after a patron saint, Valentine and the holiday does consist of both ancient Roman traditions and Christian traditions. St. Valentine was big on marrying people, thus the love tie-in. He was given the title of Patron Saint of Lovers.

1. Christmas Day

One of the top ten Hallmark holidays

Of course, Christmas is the holiday that calls for the most cards. A total of 1.5 billion (not million!) cards are sent each year. Amazing.


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