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Top 10 High School Graduation Gifts

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 24, 2011
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List of the top ten high school graduation giftsContributed by Marnely Rodriguez, Top 10 Guru

Graduation is a joyous event, for both the students graduating and the accompanying family.

Make sure to take notice and present your graduate with a present he/she will surely treasure! Here is a list of the top ten high school graduation gifts on my list of shopping for the grads I know:

10. Ghirardelli chocolates

Ghirardelli chocolates are on the list of top gifts for high school graduates

Chocolate is a student’s best friend, especially some Ghirardelli chocolates or baked goods. Ghirardelli’s Cloud Nine Brownies are literally to die for, so give your graduate a special treat on their special day.

9. Agendas and planners

Agendas and planners are on the list of top gifts for high school graduates

Sure they have their smart phones. But nothing works quite like a calendar or planner to keep college students on top of assignments and tests. Students do better when they use an agenda or wall calendar to keep track of the days and weeks ahead, and their must-do assignments.

8. Luggage that can stand up to college

College students aren’t known for their careful treatment of, well, just about anything. So why not get the new graduate a set a sturdy luggage that will bounce back after being crammed under beds, survive being crammed in trunks during last-minute road trips, and still look good enough to travel to grad school interviews four years down the road.

7. Camera

Sure, we all have cameras built into our phones. And to be fair, they’re as good as our regular digital cameras were a few years ago. But when it comes to capturing pictures and videos to remember college days, there’s nothing like a real camera. Pick a compact digital camera with video capabilities for casual photographer. Or delight a student with an artistic side with a higher end digital camera, complete with interchangable lenses.

6. Sports memorabilia

Sports memorabilia is on the list of top ten gifts for high school graduates

A sports lover will always appreciate amazing (and some original, signed) collectibles and memorabilia from their favorite sport, be it Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Football and more.

5. Foreign language lessons

If your graduate is out to explore the world before settling down, grab him/her lessons in the language he will need. Rosetta Stone is recognized as one of the easiest and most effective ways to master a new language, without spending endless hours memorizing and translating. And, the coursework will come in handy for refresher lessons before hitting the college books.

4. Personalized paper stationery

Personalized stationery is on the list of the top ten high school graduation gifts

A graduate needs to be professional and always send handwritten notes. Why not gift them a set of personalized notes? These can be used to send thank yous to teachers who wrote recommendation letters, to relatives who sent graduation gifts and to anyone who needs an update on college plans.

3. Bicycle

A bicycle is one of the top ten high school graduation gifts

A balanced student life includes exercise, so why not gift the gift of health? A bicycle will get your graduate moving and won’t leave a carbon footprint.

2. iPad Retina Display

The iPad Retina Display is in the top ten gifts for high school graduates

A gift that will probably bring joy into any student’s life, the Ipad Retina Display can be used for any type of college work: presentations, drafting, brainstorming and researching.

1. Laptop

A laptop is at the top of the list of high school graduation gifts

A high school graduate thought they had a lot of homework but wait until college, where it is 7 times more paperwork! All done on the best tool a student can own: a Lenovo, HP or other popular brand of laptop!

Always take into account your graduate’s style and way of life, thus gifting something practical and at the same time fun! Help him/her in this new journey with presents that will enhance their college life or whatever they choose to do thereafter.

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