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Top 10 Hippie Crafts

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 6, 2012
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A list of the top ten hippie craftsContributed by Aurora LaJambre, Top 10 Guru

What began as a subculture in the 1960s has resurfaced in recent years …

… as more and more people have taken an interest in products made from pure, natural materials.

In these tough economic times, flowers once again have the power to brighten a day. Stroll a local street fair or stop by and you’ll see that the creative spirit of hippie crafts still thrives.

10. Bandanas

A list of the top ten hippie crafts

The perfect accessory for carefree hippie hair is a handmade bandana. If you know how to crochet or knit, this will only take a few hours because as don’t take a lot of material. If you’re not swift with the needles, use scrap fabric to cut a basic square large enough to wrap around your head when folded on the diagonal, and stitch a basic hem around the edges.

9. Dreamcatcher

A list of the top ten hippie crafts

Dreamcatchers are a Native American craft first, and hippie craft second. If you’re having trouble sleeping, a handmade dream catcher will filter the bad dreams out and send you only good ones. These aren’t as hard to make as they look, but it helps to follow dreamcatcher instructions the first time around. Relax and enjoy the meditative process of each step.

8. Bird Feeders

A list of the top ten hippie crafts

Ever-resourceful and earth-friendly, hippies can make a bird feeder out of almost anything. Start simple and re-purpose an empty 2 liter bottle. If you’re crafting with kids, put them in charge of painting the bottom third of the bottle once you cut the top. Research birds native to your area, and fill the feeder with food they like. There’s a comprehensive tutorial at that should help.

7. Sand Art

A list of the top ten hippie crafts

No hippie craft fair is complete without a sand art stand. This simple project makes a gorgeous piece of art for your home, and will last as long as the little ones can resist shaking the bottle. Use empty wine bottles or other glass jars. Once they’re clean and dry, use a funnel to fill the bottles with levels of colored sand. Get creative by varying the thickness of each level, changing up the order of the colors, and slightly tilting the bottle as you pour to create psychedelic swirls. You can even poke a thin straw down one side to make a wave pattern.

6. Gourd Décor

A list of the top ten hippie crafts

Dried flowers and gourds adorn many hippie homes across the country. You probably already know to hang flowers upside down while they dry for best results, but have you ever painted a gourd? It sounds simple because it is. Choose two or three colors and paint geometric designs, piece signs, flowers, the moon or the stars, whatever makes you smile.

5. Candle Making

A list of the top ten hippie crafts

Candle making never really went out of style, but it has gotten easier to find a variety of candle making materials, including earth-friendly soy wax and beeswax. Stay true to hippie style with simple shapes and an array and bright colors, and stick to the earthier scents. When you’re ready, simply set up your mold with the wick, and then melt down the wax, pour and cool. Voila.

4. Flower Wreaths

A list of the top ten hippie crafts

Not every hippie craft is meant to last forever. A good flower wreath will last a day or two, and they’re easy to make. The trick is not to buy the flowers, but to find them. Daisies and dandelions look lovely. Start by poking a small slit in the stem of your first flower, and pull the next stem through until the bud rests against the first stem. Continue until the chain is long enough to tie around your head. Breathe in the scent all day.

3. Tie-Dyed Shirt

A list of the top ten hippie crafts

It’s about time tie-dye returned to a few closets. The thing about this hippie craft is that it’s super easy. Grab an old white shirt, 100% cotton gives the most vibrant results, and a kit of shirt dyes – kits will have all the extra supplies you need including gloves. Follow this tutorial over at, turn up your favorite music and have at it.

2. Bead jewelry

A list of the top ten hippie crafts

Stringing beads into bracelets, necklaces and anklets is a favorite past time for many, particularly hippies and their children. Bead jewelry is a craft to take your time with and think about the colors and patterns you use. Bead jewelry is stylish, but it can also have meaning. Consider your zodiac sign or hopes for the future, or use charms that represent your strengths. Use natural materials like hemp, clay and glass when possible.

1. Bell Bottoms

A list of the top ten hippie crafts

If hippies had a uniform, bell bottoms would be part of it. Bell bottoms add flare and flair to any pair of jeans. For your first time, start with an old pair of jeans and cut the seams to where your knees would go. Follow this craftster tutorial to design and sew in the triangular patches. When finished, wear religiously until more people follow suit. The world needs more bell bottoms!

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