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Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Mom

Written by: Editorial Staff

November 20, 2008
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mom ornamentsEvery mama appreciates a meaningful gift

Whether she’s a new mom, old mom, working mom (aren’t we all?) or a mom-to-be, check out these gifts that are sure to please a mom on your holiday gift list:

1. First up, the obvious: Mom’s Favorite Handmade Ornaments celebrate all her bundles of joy. Just remember, the first-borns are the most special (which is a typical comment from a first-born).

aerogarden2. If Mom enjoys cooking (and spooning takeout into dishes doesn’t count), she’ll love the Aerogarden Pro 2000. Just add seeds and water and in no time she’ll be sprinkling basil over everything (try the veal!).

onion goggles3. So we’ve determined she likes fresh herbs. She probably cooks with onions, and chopping them can be a tearjerker. So get her these Onion Goggles. They’ll keep the tears at bay and she’ll look like a mad scientist in the kitchen.

dayrunner planner4. Andrew has baseball practice, Emily’s got piano and someone — I don’t know who — has a dentist appointment next week. Sound familiar? Then check out this Suede Edge Day Planner. Many planners look rather manly but this one’s a sweet ballerina pink and has a tabbed monthly calendar, address book, pockets and a pen loop.

wee wee man5. No time like the present to give your son that little boost of confidence. And with this Wee-Wee Man superhero … um … shield, Mommy won’t have to clean wee wee off the ceiling.

breville keurig6. OK, baby’s diaper is changed and Mom needs a cuppa joe and quick. Get her the Breville Keurig Single Cup Brewer and she’ll be able to sit down with a mug and Oprah in mere minutes.

king queen crowns7. We all know that Mom is queen of the castle but sometimes she’d like a little extra recognition. And what better way than with an actual Queen Crown? (Go ahead, Dad, get a crown for yourself while you’re at it.)

digital photo keychain8. Mom’s at the office missing her little ones. All she has to do now is take a flip through her Digital Photo Keychain and she’ll feel better. Or more guilty. Don’t start.

wall words laundry room9. Sometimes the kids need a little reminder of where to dump the dirty laundry. Sometimes they need it plastered all over the wall. This is where the Decorative Wall Quote comes in handy. Dad, you put it up and surprise Mom. Then how ’bout doing the laundry?

stripper pole10. Most moms are searching to find time to squeeze in exercise. Why not a Stripper Pole?  (Yeah, we said it!) Wait, here’s a better plan: Mom puts on her queen crown, flops on the sofa, grabs a cup of coffee and Dad puts on a show.


3 Responses to “Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Mom”

  1. Yea right.. on December 14th, 2008 1:19 pm

    A stripper pole? That is prob the worst gift idea for a mom I have ever herd.

  2. joe blow on December 4th, 2010 1:17 pm

    A stripper pole? yahoooo. For the wifeand my girlfriend…

  3. kijuolij on November 23rd, 2011 11:13 am