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Top 10 Hot Looks for Biker Chicks

Written by: Editorial Staff

January 27, 2011
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Contributed by David Galassi, Info Guru

The biker chick look is so hot that it is often copied by chicks who would never hop on a Harley.

If you are a biker chick, take note. You have options, and they are appreciated by real biker dudes. And dudes who aren’t real bikers, and might even be a bit afraid of a real biker chick. Here’s my list of the top ten hot looks for biker chicks:

10. Boots

A hot biker chick look starts with the right motorcycle boots. They must be leather and tall with a reasonable heel. Keep the hot heels or sandals in the saddle bags and change when you get there. Biker chicks aren’t stupid.

9. Helmet and hair

The combination of helmet and hair is a biker chick challenge, but get it right and you’re a winner. Long hair in a leather pony tail wrap with a sleek black motorcycle helmet works. Short sexy hairstyles are practical. So which do you want to be? Practical or mind-blowing gorgeous?

8. Skin

Given a little sunshine and warm temps, biker chicks enjoy catching a few rays. Biker chicks are also not afraid to show a little skin. Or a lot. And not all biker chicks are super skinny. Crop tops, leather vests and other skin-showing tops are constant winners for biker chicks across the country.

7. Ink

Bikers wear tats, and they aren’t afraid to let their ink show. An armful of ink is a real biker chick statement. Add a full sleeve, a tramp stamp and maybe a collar, and you’re well on your way to biker chick glory.

6. Heart of gold

You have invested 40K in this chrome chopper. What a looker (both the bike and your babe). You biker chick wants to raffle it off for charity. She paints her body and who ever tosses a ping-pong ball in her mouth from 25 feet wins the bike. She has a heart of gold, to go with her tiny gold bikini.

5. Harley gear

If you’re riding a Hog, your biker chick needs to declare “Harley.” Proudly. In all the right places. She wears Harley gear.

4. Little black biker dress

Its always nice to have your biker chick dress for dinner. Black pumps and the ever popular little black dress are most appropriate. The short black hair is easy to fix after a long hot ride. Not practical, particularly safe, but very hot. Her toes even reach the ground!

3. Black leather

Black leather is hot. Biker chicks wear leather for looks and safety. Leather is always right on the bike, even in the summer, and it comes in all colors, although black has real biker attitude. Start with leather biker boots, add chaps and a black leather halter, top with a leather jacket. Fringe is sexy. You can still show skin, leather doesn’t have to be top-to-toe.

2. Coordinated effort

This biker chick is dedicated to you and your very cool chopper. She has even matched the Asian dragon paint by having her back inked to match your custom paint.

1. Retro

Innocent. Retro. Wholesome. What’s not to love. This is a biker chick you can take home to mom.


One Response to “Top 10 Hot Looks for Biker Chicks”

  1. Pigpen on February 1st, 2011 9:27 am

    The first four were legit. Then it just got silly for silly’s sake. Sure, T&A helps, but come on. These are not biker chicks; they’re insecure plastic floozies who smear themselves on nicely polished paint jobs. Come on…real bikers can tell the difference a mile away. Fake chicks suck.