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Top 10 House Moving Checklist Essentials

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 20, 2011
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One of the top ten house moving tipsContributed by Jenna Scaglione, Top 10 Guru

Are you knee deep in moving boxes, dusty books and never-ending clutter? Listed as one of the most stressful events in the course of a lifetime, moving can induce anxiety even in the most relaxed of people.

Though moving is often associated with stress, it is actually not as difficult as you might think. If you stay organized and you assemble all of the right supplies, you can encounter a smooth moving process and a peaceful experience.

If you want to tackle the moving blues, get out your pen and paper and jot down these top 10 moving checklist essentials:

10. Tape gun/tape

One of the top 10 moving checklist essentials

Moving without a tape gun is like eating without a utensil and simply adds more unnecessary work! Don’t try to rough it. Invest a few dollars in a professional tape gun and see how much easier your life becomes.

9. Wardrobe boxes

One of the top 10 moving checklist essentials

The best things in life sometimes come in large packages. Wardrobe boxes have so many more uses than just packing your designer clothes. Use them to pack long items such as a mops, brooms or floor lamps. Use the bottom space for purses, shoes, blankets and anything else you can fit.

8. Sharpies

One of the top 10 moving checklist essentials

Labeling is crucial if you want to stay organized. Use different color markers to designate different rooms of the house. Make sure to label the fragile boxes accordingly and write on at least 3 sides of the box and on top so even if the boxes are stacked you can identify them.

7. Fragile dish boxes

One of the top 10 moving checklist essentials

Fragile dish boxes are double –corrugated to protect your precious dinnerware, glasses and fragile items. You can purchase special inserts to further organize your dish packing. Wrap each piece in bubble wrap thoroughly before placing it in the box.

6. Bubble wrap

One of the top 10 moving checklist essentials

Bubble wrap is essential for not just wrapping the fragile items but also to wrap any items you want protected from scratches or blemishes. Tip – If you need to let off a little stress, popping the bubbles can be a very enjoyable and stress-relieving experience!

5. Packing paper

One of the top 10 moving checklist essentials

Packing paper is valuable for wrapping around bubble wrapped items for extra protection. It is also useful to fill in the gaps in your boxes to keep everything tight and secure.

4. Moving boxes

One of the top 10 moving checklist essentials

Of course, you need but many people do not know what sizes to use. The most popular size is the 18x18x18. If you are packing books, choose the smaller sizes because they become heavy really fast. You will also need some larger ones for your linens, natural pillows, blankets and sheets. Rule of thumb: The larger the box, the lighter the items.

3. Moving truck

One of the top 10 moving checklist essentials

You are almost there! Schedule a mover at least a few weeks in advance so you can secure your desired time slot. Generally, it is more expensive to move on a weekend, so if you can, weekday moving will save you a few bucks. Also, make sure the mover is licensed and has been in business for at least 10 years and get at least 3 estimates.

2. Moving insurance

One of the top 10 moving checklist essentials

Many people think their mover will insure their belongings but most companies only cover $0.60 per pound. So, if they damage your 50 pound 55” flat screen television, you will only receive $30. If you are concerned about your belongings, it is wise to secure some insurance for peace of mind.

1. Peace of mind

One of the top 10 moving checklist essentials

Try to relax and enjoy the process. Moving is a time of transition and new beginnings and before you know it, the process will be over. Gift yourself with some at home spa products to help you relax and take it one step at a time. Remember there is always an end to the process. If you can enjoy the journey, sometimes you will find it’s just as rewarding as the destination.


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