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Top 10 Items to Put on Your Wedding Registry

Written by: Editorial Staff

November 19, 2010
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Contributed by Aurora LaJambre, Info Guru

Take any hesitation or awkwardness you feel about creating a wedding registry and toss it out the window.

Bridal registries are the creation of department stores, but they provide a solution for couples who have specific needs when starting their lives together, and their loved ones who want to give them what they need without guessing or duplicating gifts.

Keep in mind that you’ll likely have these items for a long time. It’s helpful to create a list of every type of necessity for the kitchen, bathroom and bedding item you need before creating your registry. When selecting designs and colors, you may want to avoid trendy pieces and stick with patterns and colors you know you’ll love 10 years from now.

Here are the top 10 things to put on your wedding registry, starting with number ten:

10. Set of china

A nice set of China, a.k.a. the good stuff, is a higher end item you may not want to buy for yourself, but you’ll be glad to have it on special occasions and holidays. Many couples keep their china and pass it on to their children. Wedding consultants recommend registering for a china set with 8 to 12 place settings to accommodate large families or dinner parties.

9. Appliances

Appliances are affordable items for people who have a tight budget. Do a quick inventory of what you and your hubby already have and add the key missing items to your wedding registry. A waffle iron, blender, microwave, coffee pot, a coffee grinder and slow cookers are all great appliances to have. Avoid including silly things on your wedding registry. A chocolate fountain or pasta maker may sound good in the store, but someone will buy it if you put it on your list – and wouldn’t you rather cover your pots to cook with?

8. Color-coordinated Bath Accessories

How luxurious does it feel to step out of a bath into a huge, soft towel? Now is the time to have the bath towels you’ve always wanted. And if your bathroom isn’t already decorated, add bath mats, soap dishes, tooth brush holder, shower caddy, curtain and any other items you may need. It’s good to have at least 4-6 towels, more if there are children in the house.

7. Vases and Frames

After your wedding, you’ll have endless photos to choose from for a few special frames. Home décor pieces also give your guests a few more affordable options. The trick is not to add too many of one thing. Matching Vases, a few frames, a mirror, lamp and throw blank are fun, comfort items for a wedding registry.

6. Vacuum

Vacuums are practical items that every family must have. If you don’t get it as a wedding gift, you’ll end up buying one for yourself. Choose a good model that will last. Check customer reviews on your store’s website before deciding which one you like. If it doesn’t sound exciting enough for a wedding gift, you can always name it ‘the vacuum of love’.

5. Knives

Good knives are a beautiful thing. Choose a quality set that comes in an attractive holder you can keep on your counter so your knives are always within reach. Look for a knife set that includes a butcher knife, steak knives and a sharpener. Pick the knives up in the store. A heavy knife with god weight distribution equals a quality knife.

4. Bedding

Add the bed sheets of your dreams to your wedding registry. Do it. Go for a high thread count and don’t talk yourself out of it. Choose two sets and consider getting two different colors or patterns. You’ll want two sets in rotation so you always have clean sheets. While you’re in the bedding section, add a few good pillows and a comforter set.

3. Flatware

Some couples end up using the same flatware for every meal whether it’s Christmas Eve or Saturday morning breakfast. Definitely include quality flatware on your wedding registry. Design choices often range from plain, to floral, to angular and modern. When choosing the metal, remember that stainless steel won’t tarnish, rust or chip.

2. Matching Dinnerware

Unless you plan to live a fancy fancy fancy life, you’ll need casual dishes, mugs and glasses to use on the 360 days a year that aren’t special occasions. Most dish sets include a set of 4-8 small and large plates and bowls. Many manufacturers offer matching mugs or tea cups and saucers as well. While you’re thinking about the everyday, add water glasses and you may want to throw in a few wine glasses, too.

1. Cookware

Every family needs a quality cookware set. Many sets include pots and pans, but you should also add bakeware. Cake and muffin pans, casserole dishes and cookie sheets are definitely items one of you will put to use. You’ll need to choose the material, color and sizes. Aluminum is popular for its non-stick surface, while copper is a favorite of many cooks for its style and quick heating ability. Cast Iron is useful for frying and distributing heat, and non-stick pots and pans are ideal for healthy eaters because they require little to zero cooking oil.


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