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Top 10 Jobs with a Criminal Justice Degree

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 11, 2011
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Contributed by Rita Davis, Info Guru

Got a degree in criminal justice, but wondering where to work? There are lots of options in jobs for a criminal justice degree holder today.

For #2 and #1 on this list — the careers in secret service and the CIA — applicants need to be US citizens who are at least 21 years old. Everyone applying must have a high school diploma or its equivalent, a valid driver’s license, and pass a thorough six to nine month background check before being considered for candidacy. Other jobs in criminal justice have other requirements, and most of them must be strictly adhered to, including background checks and education degrees.

Starting at #10, here are the top 10 jobs with a criminal justice degree:

10. Animal cruelty worker

Animal cruelty workers investigate claims of animal abuse. They question witnesses and write reports on the abuse and condition of any pets involved. These individuals also remove the animals as needed and inspect them for injuries. They care for the animals, and give them food and water. To encourage better animal care, they also teach the community laws regarding animal rights.

9. Detective

Although detectives and police may work together, detectives’ responsibilities are different from those of a cop. People call private detectors to find culprits of employee theft, stolen children, or marital affairs, for instance. Lawyers also call detectives to find shameful information about certain witnesses to improve their own cases. Along with social skills, detectives also need to work with digital and surveillance media.

8. Court reporter

Unlike other jobs for a criminal justice degree, court reporting relies more in skills in administration. Reporters transcribe the dialogues in legal meetings and hearings. They must type quickly and accurately. After the meeting ends, the courts gather the typist’s work to form legal texts. These legal texts may be referenced for evidence in court. To work in this type of administration, employers train individuals for approximately one year in specialized typing. Some work a steady nine-to-five job. Others work for themselves in a more flexible schedule.

7. Crime scene investigator

This job gained popularity from modern shows involving CSI. Crime scene investigators contact witnesses, protect the crime scene, attend autopsies, and seal and document evidence. Together, they work with the police in deciding the identities of victims, perpetrators, as well as the sequence of events leading to the crime.

6. County sheriff

People elect sheriffs into office. Their responsibilities depend on their jurisdiction. Overall, sheriffs preserve order within the court, manage official documents for eviction and divorce, and move prisoners to and from the court.

5. Probations officers

Probations officers monitor individuals who are on probation or having their sentences suspended. They make sure that the person sentenced obeys the terms of the probation. The officer visits the individual, the family, and other contacts. He or she also gives random drug testing, if needed. Probations officers also record the individual’s behavior, changed court hearings, and other administrative details regarding the probation. The court takes the officer’s notes into consideration when deciding to change the terms of the probation for the individual.

4. Customs agent

Customs Agents work for the federal government and checks that each person crossing borders and flights are entering legally. People applying for this job must be American citizens who are at least 21 years old with a valid driver’s license. In addition to these requirements, the employer trains each agent in areas such as surveillance and fraud.

3. FBI agent

The agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation respond to crimes, ranging from embezzlement to terrorism. Once chosen for a case, agents interview and interrogate suspects, gather information, and interact with others in law enforcement in pulling the pieces together. This job is not for the faint of heart. In addition to the travel, FBI agents must keep their game face on when the case, and the suspects, turn dangerous.

2. CIA agent

People in the Central Intelligence Agency gather highly sensitive information overseas that can be used to gauge to the safety of the US. For instance, the CIA recruits others to find information on nuclear weaponry in Middle Eastern countries. In completing this, people in the CIA may work on the technical side of gathering information, using computers and cell phones to spy. On the other hand, the CIA also needs real individuals to travel overseas.

1. Secret service

The secret services protect the lives of all presidents, former presidents, as well as their immediate families. Before working onsite, each person must pass tests in law enforcement and specialized training, as well as tests for physical fitness.

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