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Top 10 Landscape Gardening Tips

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 14, 2012
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landscape gardeningContributed by Info Guru Jenna Scaglione

Spring and summer are upon us and gardening is in full form!

This is the season to rev up your landscape and prepare it for the fun and enjoyment of the warm summer months.

Are you looking for a few tips to beautify your landscape? Are you happy with your existing garden foliage? If you feel something is missing, you are not alone. Gardening and landscaping is difficult for most people, especially for the beginning novice.

Help is on the way! Here are some top landscape gardening tips:

10. Create Depth

top 10 landscape garden tips add depth

A painter applies several layers of color to add depth and realism to a painting, and landscaping follows the same idea. To add more depth to your yard, form a border of taller trees along the outside perimeter of your property and plant smaller trees and flowering shrubs toward the front of the yard.

9. Winter Garden

Winter Garden

Though you cater to your garden in the warmer months, there is no reason why your landscape cannot look fabulous in the winter. Plant evergreen shrubs, annuals, and interesting features such as trellises, fences and water fountains to add creativity to a gray, lifeless winter yard.

8. Windows


When planting shrubs, most people forget about windows until the plants are overgrown and maintenance is a nightmare. Prepare for the worst by planting lower-growing foliage directly under windows.

7. Hide the Mess

Hide the Mess

Most yards are full of eyesores like garbage cans and concrete slabs. A wall of evergreens and shrubs or elements combining vines, a white picket fence or a water feature hides unwanted scenery nicely.

6. Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Gardeners are saving the planet and “going green” with their landscape design. Take advantage of the free energy from the sun and save money on your monthly energy costs by using solar lighting in your landscape. Solar garden lights are a low cost alternative to energy-sucking traditional lights and they are used to illuminate many different areas of the garden.

5. Balance


Too many plants can result in a lack of style and a cluttered mess. But too few plants may reveal too much of a home’s foundation and look sparse. Start slow and add plants as you see fit. You will find the right balance with some practice.

4. Proper Planning

Proper Planning

Proper planning will prevent future debacles. Will there be more little additions to the family? A dog? Think about the next 5-10 years and plan your garden around your needs. Kids will require a playground area to play freely, and dogs will need a grassy area in which to run.

3. Raised Planters

Raised Planters

Raised planters are the perfect option for people who have soil problems or limited space. Use a well-drained soil mix and surround it with stylish wood planks or a brick wall. For small areas, consider window planters, container gardens or hanging boxes to fit porches and patios.

2. Proximity


Give plants room to grow! They will mature and spread their wings over time. It is a common mistake to plant shrubs too close when they are young. Consider their future size when spacing them apart.

1. Hire a Professional

Hire a Professional

If you are shaking your head in disdain, it may be time to hire a professional landscaper. Landscapers have years of experience and they will be able to design your yard as you please without requiring you to lift a finger.


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