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Top 10 Latest Fashion Styles

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 13, 2010
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Contributed by Cindi Pearce, Info Guru

The top 10 fashion styles include some very conservative outfits as well as some vintage styles and a few slightly more bizarre concepts. We cover all of these trends to keep your wardrobe modern and fashion-forward. Personal style is all about mixing current trends with your own favorite pieces. Remember: if you like it, wear it. Add a hefty dose of confidence and work it!

Here are the top ten styles for the upcoming season:

10. Obama-style

No doubt the influence of First Lady Michelle Obama, it has become popular to belt your sweater, cardigans, and other outerwear. This look emphasizes the smallness of your waist. The belt can be wide or skinny, whichever pairs best with your outfit. It’s known that the lady in the White House can drive fashion. Just look at past fashion mavens Jacqueline Kennedy and Mamie Eisenhower.

9. Lacy legs

Quit being such a fuddy-duddy and buy yourself some lacy stockings. There is a wealth of textured and patterned lace stockings for the taking. You can find all-over lace in bold or demure patterns, or thigh highs with sheer legs and a sexy lace top. Lace stockings have become very popular. If you have great legs, show them off with sexy lace hosiery or tights.

8. Sweater dressing

Buy a sweater dress. They’re cozy, generally affordable, versatile and certainly easy to wear. A sweater dress is warm and ideal for those harsher winter months. It can take you from a morning meeting to after-work drinks with the girls. Just jazz it up with some snazzy jewelry and a shawl and you’re good to go.

7. Comfy stylish trousers

Give the skinny pants a rest and slip into some slouchy trousers. Many of us who don’t have the perfect figure would prefer to pass on skinnies, despite their popularity among other fashionistas. Slouchy pants look just as chic and are much more forgiving. For the holidays, pair these masculine trousers with a girly sparkling, slinky top. The pants should not be too long, a cuffed look above the ankles is very popular. This length also helps show off your spectacular foot wear.

6. Biker chick

Vroom-vroom. Get into the groove and deck yourself out in some motorcycle gear. Leather jackets, pants and chaps mixed with the requisite head scarves and sunglasses complete this look. Biker chic is on the rise with its Brando jackets and its somewhat military style. This look is edgy, sexy and a tad bit dangerous.

5. Mad housewives

Channel the well-behaved (or not so) housewives of America circa the 1960s and opt for this ladylike look. Most likely revived by the hugely popular TV show, Mad Men, this look is feminine and “proper.” Buy dresses that are full-skirted, cinched at the waist and sleeveless. The dress should hit at the knee or a little below. You can complement your new feminine look with bold, scarlet lipstick, cat eye glasses, kitten heels, belts that cinch your waist even further, gloves, and a beehive hair style. If you are not into retro fashion, this housewife style may not be your cup of tea.

4. Underwear on the outside

If you are quite daring and not the least bit modest grab yourself some lingerie. This is code for clothing that has elements of lingerie – like colorful bras to be worn under sheer shirts. This risque look, once reserved for the boudoir is now street fashion. The lingerie as outerwear trend probably works best for the young and audacious. If you live in Podunk, USA this trend may not be as accepted in your office space. In fact, it is likely to be deemed scandalous and just might get you booted. Go apply at the local lingerie store instead. Hopefully you’ll even get a discount for all of the lingerie you’ll be buying.

3. Lace all over

Lace is de rigueur as we move into the New Year. Lace need not be confined to bridal wear or little girls. Adult women can look good, particularly in vintage style lace, when outfitted in clothing that is constructed of bobbin lace or needle lace. Avoid really thin stretchy lace and opt instead for lace that features an unusual pattern, sturdy fabric and a wider net. A lacy overlay will have a nude colored undergarment that gives the illusion of seeing skin, but you’re not. Lace is dreamy and suggestive. When well made it can comprise the entire garment and not be confined to a trim or other small detail.

2. Magical fantasy

Forget “dress for success.” Forget conforming. Fantasy is in, and you get to play. Dress up like a Goddess, a gypsy, a garden fairy, the heroine in a romance novel or a magical enchantress — it’s all easy to do with a little help from The Pyramid Collection. They have dresses, capes, jewelry and accessories to deck you out from top to bottom. Who says playing dress-up is just for kids?

1. Gaga-licious

If you are larger than life, over the top, shameless, audacious and funky this last trend is for you. If you have a very tolerant boss and accommodating butcher, opt for Lady Gaga’s all meat ensemble, including a meat purse. Yes, that’s what I thought. No thank you. I’ll pass on this one.


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  1. top ten lists on December 15th, 2010 11:31 pm

    Amazing list!!! I like no. 5. Actually I am having one dress of that kind.

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