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Top 10 List of Famous Tall Men in the White House

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

March 13, 2008
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Power. Influence. And height.

Over the years, the White House has been home to a variety of men, ranging from the very tall to the very short. At a diminutive 5’4”, James Madison was the shortest U.S. president to date. Presidents Benjamin Harrison and Martin Van Buren stood only 5’6”, and John Adams was 5’7”. But who were the tallest American presidents?  Here’s Top 10 List of Famous Tall Men in the White House

10. Andrew Jackson

Jackson is the first on our list of famous tall men we’ve called President. At 6’1”, he would have towered above Mr. Madison by an impressive 9 inches.

9. Ronald Reagan

Years later, Ronald Reagan tied President Jackson with a height of 6’1”.

8. George Washington

Our first president, George Washington, was an exceptionally tall man for his time. At 6’2”, he would have stood head and shoulders over the average 18th century man who measured only 5’5” tall.

7. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt, the only American president elected to four terms in office, also measured 6’2” in height.

6. President Chester A. Arthur

President Chester A. Arthur, the name most often forgotten when people are naming the presidents, was another 6’2” Commander in Chief.

5. George H. W. Bush

Rounding out our list of 6’2” presidents, George H. W. Bush, father of the current president, was also 6’2” when he took the oath of office.

4. Thomas Jefferson

Red-headed Thomas Jefferson, our third president, was an impressive speaker and an impressive figure at 6’2 ½” tall.

3. Bill Clinton

He may have had trouble with Special Counsel, but when it came to height, President Bill Clinton was one of our most imposing presidents. Like Jefferson, Clinton measured an above-average 6’2 ½” tall.

2. Lyndon B. Johnson

Proving they do make everything bigger in Texas, President Lyndon B. Johnson added another inch of height to the next tallest presidents. At 6’3 ½” tall, LBJ missed tying the record for tallest president by only one half inch.

1. Abraham Lincoln

Our tallest president was also the stuff of legends and myths. In any list of famous tall men, he is usually one of the most well know names…and images. Honest Abe stood 6’4” tall – virtual giant among his fellow 19th century counterparts who averaged only 5’7” in height.   Truly the tallest of the Top 10 Famous Tall Men in the White House

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