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Top 10 Living Dining Kitchen Ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 27, 2012
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great room designContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Decorating a house can be a fun and exciting endeavor for many people, while for others it may be a nightmare.

However, home design and decorating can be an enjoyable and creative process that will have you eager to show off the results to friends and families. The most common rooms in the house that are updated with new looks, colors and furniture include the living, dining and kitchen areas. To accommodate contemporary living, these three spaces are often combined in a “great room,” requiring flexible and multi-purpose decor solutions.

Check out the top ten living dining kitchen ideas below and become the interior designer of your own domain!

10. Kitchen Islands

kitchen island

Islands are a popular household commodity in most livings areas that flow from the kitchen to the living space. An island is a piece of furniture that stands alone in the kitchen near the sink and major appliances. It serves to act as an extension of kitchen counter-space by giving you more room to prepare meals such as chopping vegetables or mixing dough. It also makes an ideal place to eat breakfast or a light lunch by simply pulling a stool up to its counter.

9. Lighting


The lighting in great rooms plays an essential role in creating the atmosphere and setting. Choose lighting for a shared kitchen and dining room that can be switched to bright, moderate or darker light tones. Look at kitchen lighting specifically designed for islands. Create a funky look with a spotted lampshades or a more modern design with stainless steel fixtures.

8. Dining table

dining table

Houses that combine spaces create an open-concept floor plan. In this case, it’s important to establish an eating or dining area that isn’t too cramped or right next to the sink or sofa. Choose a corner of the room and create a ritualistic eating experience with a dining table that seats four or more people for guests.

7. Colors


Create a splash in your home with the use of colors. Consider establishing a unique color theme such as red or a pastel blue throughout each room for a sequential effect, or really define each room with its own color theme.

6. Windows


Windows can help to open up a small room and make it appear bigger. Install new windows into a room that is without or make use of what you have with light, creamy colored curtains that can be pulled back during the day. Consider using the same contemporary blinds for all windows in your combined living space to unify the room and allow flexibility in controlling both privacy and lighting.

5. Shelves

shelves and cupboards

The use of shelves is a major living dining kitchen idea that will help you save space – and items. Avoid cluttering up kitchen tables or coffee-tables with books, magazines, papers and bills. Instead, purchase a few solid-oak bookshelves and shelving units to neatly stack loose items for you.

4. Flooring

hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring has exploded in the housing market during the past decade or so. Hardwood gives a clean, sophisticated look to a home in place of carpeting that is easily stained, torn or dirtied. When the flooring creates a consistent line from room to room, it creates a unifying element in your great room design.

3. Art


Create a unique and personal vibe to your house with decorative art pieces and photography. Consider hanging a framed family photo over a living room fireplace or a contemporary digital canvas on the wall next to a dining table. Other pieces of art may include wooden, hand-crafted items, vases and scenic pictures. Make certain that in each of the living areas complements the pieces in the other areas for a pulled together look.

2. Entertainment center

entertainment center

Keep things simple by having the entertainment section of your house confined to one area of the living room. Store all DVD’s, videos, CD’s and video games in the drawers and shelves of an entertainment center that also houses the DVD player, TV and stereo.

1. Outlets


Topping the list of top of great room space tips is to ensure you have various wall outlets strategically placed throughout your great room. Plugs near the kitchen island can be used for the blender or computer, while those near a dining table and sofa can be used to charge a phone or iPad, add lighting or plug in a game system.

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