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Top 10 Mediterranean Garden Design Ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

November 18, 2011
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One of the top ten Mediterranean garden design ideasContributed by Jennifer Andrews, Top 10 Guru

Garden designs are increasingly popular among home-owners that have backyards and lovely green space to get creative with.

In particular, Mediterranean garden designs are a great way to design your own landscape for a beautiful and creative landscape setting. Try one of these top 10 Mediterranean garden design ideas for your own garden experimentation.

10. Statues

Traditional Mediterranean gardens almost always include at least a few statues, like this dramatic pair from Design Toscano. Select angels, replicas of ancient statues or classic accents like urns or columns. You’ll instantly add an old-world feel to your brand new garden.

9. Plants and grasses

One of the top ten Mediterranean garden design ideas

Add grass and some plants to your garden design for a natural and peaceful setting. Low water plants in a Mediterranean-style decorative pond and multi-colored grasses can enhance your garden’s look and décor.

8. Greenhouse

greenhouse at Charley's

Think about adding a stylish greenhouse to your garden for a boost in your kitchen gardening, fragrant herbs, and tending of more exotic Mediterranean plants like Viper’s Bugloss, Canary Island Foxglove, and Rock Purslane. A greenhouse can be placed at the entrance of your garden to greet guests as they enter the premises.

7. Pool

One of the top ten Mediterranean garden design ideas

Who doesn’t love a pool in their backyard? A pool is actually a great addition to a Mediterranean garden as it adds sophistication and a serene atmosphere. The striking blue color of pool water also adds richness to your garden’s color scheme.

6. Trees

One of the top ten Mediterranean garden design ideas

Trees help to create a beautiful Mediterranean setting for your garden. Try planting trees around the perimeter of your garden or even surrounding a fountain for a graceful, sweeping look.

5. Flowers

One of the top ten Mediterranean garden design ideas

Brighten up your garden with a variety of flowers that will please the eye and your nose with sweet-smelling fragrances. Plant a flowerbed and line a few flower pots around gates and garden entrances. Ornamental flowers favored in Mediterranean gardens include a wonderful selection of brightly colored annuals and perennials. You can even add herbs for a fresh – and useful – take on your garden.

4. Stone tiles

One of the top ten Mediterranean garden design ideas

Stone tiles and garden stones will lend an elegant hand to your Mediterranean garden design. Use tiles or stones as a walk-way around your garden or as a walk-way to a pool or reclining chairs. Place decorative engraved stones in your garden to welcome guests, using greetings in Italian and other romantic Mediterranean languages.

3. Hanging pots

One of the top ten Mediterranean garden design ideas

Try hanging pots filled with lush greenery from the entry way or foyer of your garden. Choose plants that work well in shade for more protected areas, and sun-loving plants for exposed locations for healthy, thriving blooms. Add lights to your pots for additional brightness and romantic appeal during evenings when the sun goes down.

2. Waterfall or Fountain

One of the top ten Mediterranean garden design ideas

A waterfall over rocks or a bubbling fountain is a traditional Mediterranean garden design that can be part your outdoor design plan. Choose a free standing fountain, a wall mounted fountain or go all out and add both to your garden and patio space.

1. Outdoor fireplace

One of the top ten Mediterranean garden design ideas

Who says fireplaces are only meant for inside the house? Install a fireplace on your patio or in the garden, for the long leisurely suppers so popular around the Mediterranean. You may never want to dine indoors again!


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