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Top 10 Mobile Sites for Shopping

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 26, 2010
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Contributed by Leslie Linevsky, from “Leslie Linevsky on e-Marketing.”

Mobile shopping is here to stay, mostly because people are mobile, on the go, always moving. The one thing almost everyone carries every where they go is their phone.

Smarthphone, Droid, Blackberry or iPhone. These are all “mobile devices” and having one in your hand means that you can shop from where ever you are. Here is our list of the top ten mobile shopping sites – stores that you can get on your phone – that make searching and buying online really easy.

10. Crate and Barrel Mobile

Crate and Barrel is no longer new to mobile shopping, and the site has evolved. It’s a favorite among many mobile shoppers. Lots of sites I find look a lot like the Crate and Barrel mobile site. Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Here are some of the reasons I love Crate and Barrel mobile:

• Gift ideas for everyone. If I run dry, this site gets me back in prime shopping mode.
• I can check if something is at a local store, so I can race to pick it up instead of waiting for delivery
• Favorites and registries are really easy to manage – I don’t have to remember what someone said they wanted as long as they listed everything at Crate and Barrel
• There are tons of product reviews, which I love reading.

To find the rest of the Top 10 Mobile Sites for Shopping, visit Leslie’s blog right here.


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