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Top 10 Most Extravagant Catalog Items

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 17, 2008
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Sure, the economy’s in the toilet and people are thinking sensibly when holiday shopping (grocery store gift cards anyone?). But we can dream, can’t we? So here’s our list of the Top 10 most extravagant catalog items:

10. NM Chocolate Chip Cookiesnmcookies.jpg

Neiman Marcus is the gold standard for champagne wishes and caviar dreams. But let’s start with something small from them. When Chips Ahoy just won’t cut it, try the NM Chocolate Chip Cookies. Seventeen ounces for $24 — get out the gold-plated milk mugs!

9. Fabulous Furs Limited Edition Deluxe Throw

Tell Grandma thanks but no thanks on the crocheted blanket — you’ll be curling up on the sofa with a Fabulous Furs Limited Edition deluxe faux fur throw for $299.

8. Hero’s Mail Shirt

Know someone who’s into that whole knight-in-shining-armor Renaissance thing? Do they enjoy weightlifting as well? Perfect! Get them the Hero’s Mail Shirt from Realm Collections. At $325, they’ll not only look awesome but they’ll be schlepping around 31.5 pounds of shirt. Just don’t wear this through a metal detector.

7. Double Donut Bed

Tired of Mr. Lucky getting dog hair all over your sofa? Get him his own sofa! In the Company of Dogs features a Double Donut Bed in 10 colors and patterns made from memory foam and covered in microfiber. All for $399. Whosmahbeebee!

legos.jpg6. Lego sculpture

Hey, kids, Legos! And if you knock these over, Mommy will disown you! Mommy paid big bucks to have artist Nathan Sawaya make Mommy and Daddy out of Legos ($60,000 apiece from Neiman Marcus).


5. Edible gold lollipop

Don’t hoard gold — eat it! What better way to flaunt your fabulous wealth than to eat precious metals. And think of the shiny, twinkling aftermath. Suck on this — the lollipop gift with edible gold from DeLafĂ©e International. ($38.50).

4. Lifeform Ultimate High Back Executive Office Chair

Relax the Back offers a sexy (yes sexy) red and black leather Lifeform Ultimate High Back Executive Office Chair for $2,995. From tilt to lumbar support to arms, everything on this memory foam baby is adjustable — except the price.

3. Fantasy Coach bedcoachbed.jpg

Nothing’s too good for your little princess, so why not let her sleep like Cinderella. Not the chambermaid Cinderella, the really lucky “after” version. Posh Tots offers up this Fantasy Coach children’s bed for $47,000. Prancing unicorns sold separately.

2. Michael Jordan Steaks Dream Team

What does Michael Jordan know about quality steaks? Apparently a lot. And if you’re a carnivore of the highest form, try the Michael Jordan Steaks Dream Team for $449.95. You get 10 big, beefy steaks and four bottles of fancy-pants steak sauce.

1. Bottega Veneta Ruffle Bowler BagBottega veneta bowler bag

And if you’re wondering what to get me, this’ll do. It’s this awesome blue leather Bottega Veneta Ruffle bowler bag for $5,860 from But I don’t really think it’s for bowling, do you?


One Response to “Top 10 Most Extravagant Catalog Items”

  1. led drivers on June 19th, 2010 3:04 pm

    Wow, extravagant indeed! I like the idea of the edible gold lollipop, actually I like the idea of it all, just a shame I don’t have the money!