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Top 10 Motorcycle Gear for Real Riders

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 21, 2010
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Contributed by David Galassi, Info Guru

Whether you are traveling to the corner store or across the country, there is a list of motorcycle gear for real riders that is non-negotiable.

These are the items that real riders own for both safety and comfort. Check out our list of the top ten pieces of riding gear for bikers:

10. Tire gauge

You only have two tires. A blowout due to a low tire can be extremely dangerous. Check your pressure often. Air-up to the max for long trips with bags full. Low tire pressure shortens tire life as well. Consider this: $7 for a good tire gauge vs. a $200 tow. It’s easy to carry and a must have.

9. Bike cleaner

Always keep a rag and bike cleaner handy in your saddle bag. All purpose bike degreasers are readily available and work on both plastic and paint. Every stop, clean the windshield of bugs and haze. That means, keep some in your saddle bag. You need to see clearly. Also fresh bug splatter comes off easier if you catch it right away. Cleaning your bike with 3 week old bug splatter makes for a long day.

8. Accent lights

Add accent lighting to your bike. Whether it be color accent ground effects or add-on tail light kits. Flashing brake light kits and reflectors make you visible and thus less likely to have an accident because a driver just didn’t see you.

7. High visibility clothing

Highly visible clothing or accessories can save your life. Bright and reflective clothing atop your leather make you visible, and the more visible, the less chance someone will pull out in front or side wipe you. Dark clothing, although stylish, keeps you somewhat INvisible. Toss style aside for night riding in lieu of a reflective vest. Even applying reflective decals to your helmet or the heels of your boots can make a difference.

6. Boots

NOT SHOES, SANDALS, or FLIP FLOPS. Over-the-ankle boots are the rule here. Any abrasion will have your ankle bone take the brunt. Cover it with leather. When your pant leg inches up a good leather boot also protects from ankle burn. Oil resistant soles and waffle pattern keeps you from slipping and gives traction.

5. Gloves

Your fingers and knuckles are the first thing flying debris will hit if encountered. Always wear riding gloves. Insulation from heat and abrasion keep gloves at the top of any motorcycle gear list. Not to add, warm fingers don’t cramp as badly.

4. Pants

Leather or Denim. NO SHORTS. Pants offer protection from flying debris, bugs and rain pellets. Your calves will cheer when they come in contact with your hot exhaust and a layer of your pant leg is there to insulate any burns.

3. Jackets

Denim, leather, nylon or even cotton … breaking the wind always makes your ride a tad nicer. Water repellent jackets are a must for long trips. Leather stop most abrasions but not rain. If you are expecting wet weather, get raingear. For hot days get a jacket designed with zipper vents.

2. Eye wear

Your eye protection does not have to be $400 Maui Jims, but eye protection is a key factor in riding. Bare eyeballs are a bad bet at best. Road debris can scratch a cornea in a split second. Your fairing is not your eye protection. Clear for night riding, yellow for overcast days and dark for high glare. This is a must.

1. Helmet

Many states have helmet laws, so that makes this one a non-negotiable. Even if your state doesn’t, you might drive through a helmet-law state at some time or another. At any rate, mandated or not, you should protect your head at all times. Be sure your helmet has DOT (Dept of Transportation) approval. That means it meets rigorous safety standards. It also, other than protection, cuts down on wind noise and prevents UV rays from pounding atop your head. Make sure your helmet fits properly and always tighten the chin strap. Your helmet can be custom painted to match your bike for added character.


2 Responses to “Top 10 Motorcycle Gear for Real Riders”

  1. "Blue Angel" on February 1st, 2011 11:47 pm

    Glad I wore all required clothing when I had Imy first crash.

  2. Leon Rojo on April 9th, 2011 3:08 pm

    Every rider should wear protective “hi vis” apparel. It saves lives! And gloves save hands! By the way, any one knows brand and model of the hi vis jacket shown here?