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Top 10 Mouth Guard Instructions

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 5, 2011
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One of the top ten mouthguard instructionsContributed by Top 10 Guru

There are many mouth guards on the market these days … how do you know which one to choose?

This decision is more important than one would think. Most people think that mouth guards are worn to protect your teeth. This is true, but more importantly they are made to help prevent concussion by preventing your teeth from slamming together.

Here are a few questions that you can think about to help you make the right decision when purchasing a mouth guard.

10. Helmet and guard combination

One of the top ten mouth guard instructions

Will the athlete be playing a sport that requires a helmet? Some sports like football require a strap to attach the mouth guard to the helmet. Some manufacturers make their mouth guards versatile so they can attach a strap if you need it or you can throw it away (one example being Brainpad). Some manufacturers produce their mouth guards in strapped and strappless versions like the Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guards .

9. Choose the right size

One of the top ten mouth guard instructions

What size should I purchase? Usually the mouth guards come in two sizes adult and youth (or junior). Some mouth guards only come in the adult size. Each brand has a different age for what they consider youth so once you decide on the mouth guard, you will have to check on the sizing instructions for that manufacturer.

8. Check product studies

One of the top ten mouth guard instructions

You will want to check on the studies that have been done on that particular mouth guard. Some have a great deal of scientific testing and some just go for being the cheapest around with no testing. Experts suggest the you do not buy the cheap dollar mouth guards since they will not work nearly as well.

7. Look for dental warranties

One of the top ten mouth guard instructions

Consider the dental warranty for the model you are thinking of purchasing. Some have no warranty and some are quite significant. Tap Out Mouth Guards, for example, carry a $30,000 dental warranty.

6. Follow the instructions

One of the top ten mouth guard instructions

Make sure you follow the proper instructions for molding your mouth guard. Some can only be molded once and some you can remold if you do not like the original fit or if your teeth move.

5. Braces need special mouthguards

One of the top ten mouth guard instructions

If you have braces, you will need a mouth guard specifically for braces. Check with your coach and your orthodontist about whether you need to cover top teeth only or both top and bottom. Wrestling regulations, for example, often require that both top and bottom braces be covered.

4. Don’t cut mouth guards too short

One of the top ten mouth guard instructions

Make sure that you do not cut the mouth guard too short in the back. Many athletes will cut the back of the mouth guards off. Mouth guards that are cut too short will not help prevent concussion.

3. Consider custom guards

One of the top ten mouth guard instructions

There are also custom mouth guards available. Although the price is starting to come down on these, they are still a bit pricey (but are very comfy)

2. Consider style

One of the top ten mouth guard instructions

For those who also think that style is important, there are many more colors available than there used to be. Match your team or your mood!

1. Always wear your mouth guard

One of the top ten mouth guard instructions

The most important thing to remember about a mouth guard is to wear it. It won’t do any good in your bag!

Also, don’t leave your mouth guard in the sun – especially in a hot car. It will melt!

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