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Top 10 Musical Instrument Types

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 31, 2012
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music instrumentsContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Music has the ability to inspire, reinvent and motivate as well as produce feelings of happiness, joy, melancholy and acceptance.

In addition to singing and vocalizing musical lyrics, musical instruments are what really add to a song’s depth and emotion. There are all sorts of musical instruments to listen to as well as play whether you are a beginner, novice or pro.

Thinking about picking up an instrument, adding one to your repetoire or encouraging your children to lean to play? Consider the following top ten musical instrument types and fall in love with music all over again.

10. Guitar


One of the most popular musical instruments is the guitar — well-known by people worldwide. Guitars are available in a variety of styles including acoustic and electric appealing to the country or rock band side of you.

9. Piano


Next to the guitar, the piano and its cousin the electric keyboard rank as one of the most recognized musical instruments worldwide. Although this instrument can require patience and a distinctive ear for musical notes, its sweet, soulful sounds is literally music to the ears.

8. Violin


The violin is a beautiful instrument to watch someone play as it appears to require much practice, strength and love. Start a child early in violin lessons so he or she can gain full appreciation for its depth. People who appreciate folk, country and blues play basically the same instrument, but refer to it as a fiddle. Note that you will have to keep your student in violin strings, rosin and a freshly-haired bow, but the outcome is definitely worth what you put into it.

7. Trumpet


This loud-bleating instrument is well-recognized from band practices and marching bands in parades. Both children and adults can learn to play the trumpet at any age. The trumpet is not only cheaper than other brass winds but also fun to play!

6. Flute


The flute produces sweet-sounding harmonies and is usually introduced to children in middle school music classes. This is one of the cheapest musical instrument types and its small size makes for easy transport.

5. Saxophone


Fans of the television show The Simpsons may be familiar with the large, haunting saxophone played by Lisa Simpson. Available in different shapes, sound ranges and sizes, give this one a chance for its fantastical jazzy feel.

4. Clarinet


Similar to the flute, the clarinet is another member of the woodwind family musical instruments. Try it out for another tooting good time!

3. Drums


Who does not love a set of drums? Acoustic drums are literally the beat and backbone to most songs and provide a steady rhythm that can have you dancing out of your seat.

2. Cello


The cello is not only visually stunning to look at but also to listen to. Many orchestras and musical theatres will feature the expressive cello in string arrangements.

1. Trombone


The trombone is another instrument with a funny name and sound that makes a big impression. Check out the trombone in most marching bands where it provides the low sounds needed for the melody. And not top on most lists, trombone players don’t have as much competition in high school bands, so a place is almost ensured for the dedicated player.

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