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Top 10 Nautical Theme Decor Ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

July 30, 2011
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One of the top ten nautical theme decor ideasContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

There are few things in this world as soothing and relaxing as water.

Hearing it, seeing it, and of course bathing in it all provide a measure of calm usually reserved for heavy doses of medication.

With that said, deciding on a nautical theme décor is a great option for achieving that certain oneness with the universe. But with so many options, where to begin? The following Top 10 Nautical Theme Décor Ideas will get you off and running.

10. Wainscoting

One of the top ten nautical theme decor ideas

Dark stained wainscoting, just about waist high around a room immediately invokes a naval-like feel. The impression is a subtle, nice old wooden boat from back in the day; but without the seasickness. Using a bit of wainscoting is a great starting point that will allow you to go full-blown seafarer, or stick to weekend paddle boater.

9. Boat Bed

One of the top ten nautical theme decor ideas

Quick, easy and relatively inexpensive, a boat shaped bed is a great centerpiece for a bedroom with a nautical theme décor. Some of these not only look great, but their functional too. The bow (known as the pointy end to old salts) doubles as a storage locker for all your sailing/bedroom gear.

8. Lighthouses

One of the top ten nautical theme decor ideas

For many, a lighthouse holds a certain fascination. There’s just something about that tube-like shape perched on a rocky shoreline that enthralls people. It’s sort of like clowns, but in a good way. Painting a lighthouse scene, adding a few lighthouse-related trinkets, New England style hooked lighthouse rug or drapes will bring out the kid in everyone.

7. Tropical

One of the top ten nautical theme decor ideas

Tropical theme décor is probably best suited for carefully selected areas of the home. Bedrooms done in this style may be a bit unnerving; dreams of black mamba’s and the like can make sleep a bit restless. But for a veranda or sun room, the only thing missing is a multi-colored fu-fu drink with some sort of mini-umbrella.

6. Nautical Accessories

One of the top ten nautical theme decor ideas

When it comes to decorating, it’s always the little things that seem to make or break a design. The wrong accent or accessory in the wrong place will have Martha Stewart turning in her grave; once she passes that is. The flip side of that of course is with the right nautical decorating pieces, you can turn a so-so design into the perfect nautical theme décor.

5. Aquatic Animals

One of the top ten nautical theme decor ideas

As with our Top 10 list item #7, it’s important to be selective when deciding on which aquatic animal (or animals) to spotlight using this motif. Seals and otters will invoke a playful, fun atmosphere ideal for a game room. Teeth-bearing sharks on the other hand emit a completely different vibe. Giant squid, orcas, and great white whales like the one that old guy was chasing the entire book should also be on your not-to-do list.

4. Canoes

One of the top ten nautical theme decor ideas

Easily one of the best design innovations since indoor plumbing, refurbished canoes used for book shelves and placeholders for various nautical decorating items from #6 on our list are perfect for a nautical theme décor. They set the tone for the entire room, in addition to be functional. Finding a canoe with a roughed up, antique faux finish is perfect for a sitting or family room.

3. Pirate

One of the top ten nautical theme decor ideas

Probably on the kid’s wish list, going the way of Captain Jack or any other booze swilling, murdering looter is always a fan favorite. This is an easy one to pull off too; with an array of linen, accessories and other goodies you can transform your child’s room in a matter of hours.

2. Sailing

One of the top ten nautical theme decor ideas

If you’ve spent significant time on the water you know; there is a not-so-friendly division between sailors and motor heads; I mean motor boat captains. As is the case with the Elvis or Beatles debate, there really isn’t a wrong answer, their just different. The beauty of a sailing nautical theme décor is you can do wonders with items you already have lying around, like a white sheet. Tacked up at just the right angle, you’ve got a sail and a great start to your room design. Nautical flags take a little more effort, but if you’re flying the cocktail flag, I’m there.

1. Surfing

One of the top ten nautical theme decor ideas

For the active nautical types that still appreciate the value of chillin’ and saying things like “gnarly” and really mean it, the surfing motif should fit the bill nicely. This décor also has some flexibility; sure it’s great for bedrooms, but will look just as nice in a basement family room, den or game room.

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