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Top 10 Online Shopping Days

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 24, 2012
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online shopping daysContributed by Info Guru Lisa Pratto

Black Friday is the rather ominous name given to that infamous shopping day, the Friday after Thanksgiving.

People will wait in line overnight and fight with their fellow man to get deals on electronics and household appliances. It is not, however, the biggest shopping day of the year. The mad rush that is the Saturday before Christmas holds that dubious honor. Heck, Black Friday is not even one of the biggest online shopping days. It didn’t even make the list. The following 10 days did.

10. The Last Week in August

The Last Week in August

Summer is dead for retailers, both online and in stores. The last week in August, however, picks up enough due to back-to-school shopping for it to be added to our top ten list.

9. The Week Before Valentine’s Day

The Week Before Valentine’s Day

Yes, again this is a whole week and not a day, but the online sales of flowers and Valentine’s gifts is steadily increasing.

8. The Week Before Mother’s Day

The Week Before Mother’s Day

Another week (I know, I know), but flower sales for dear old mom is quite popular online and, frankly, very convenient for dutiful kids that live in another state.

7. eHallows Eve

 eHallows Eve

Halloween is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, the Monday before Halloween, coined eHallows Eve by VeriSign, is now the largest online shopping day outside of the end of the year holidays.

6. Tuesday After Green Monday

 Tuesday After Green Monday

As you read further, you will notice that most of the top ten online shopping days fall on either a Monday or Tuesday. As the malls get more and more crowded and our to-do list grows, we turn to buying online. Oh, and most of the purchases are made from a work computer. Go figure.

5. Tuesday After Cyber Monday

Tuesday After Cyber Monday

Everyone that didn’t get to put items in their online shopping carts on Cyber Monday seems to log back on the next day. They buy everything from handmade soap to live Maryland crabs. In fact, with over 1 billion in sales and growing, it needs a better name, too.

4. Free Shipping Day

Free Shipping Day

Traditionally, this day falls around December 16th or 17th. It is the last day that online retailers are willing to offer free shipping.

3. Green Monday

Green Monday

I know. I’d never heard of it either, but, apparently, eBay coined the term when they had their best day ever in sales. It’s the 2nd Monday in December.

2. 1st Monday in December

1st Monday in December

This lonely Monday is in the number 2 spot with over a billion in sales and yet no official name. Someone give this poor day a name.

1. Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday

This day has been called a myth. A made up day. A marketing ploy. That is 100% accurate … until 2011. The Monday after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, is now officially the biggest of the online shopping days with $1.25 billion in sales. Yes, that is billion with a “B”.


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