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Top 10 Online Shopping Deals

Written by: Editorial Staff

July 30, 2011
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One of the top ten online shopping dealsContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

In addition to the ultimate in convenience, one of the great things about shopping online is that you can get some outstandingly good deals.

Since the companies we buy from online have less overhead, often times they’ll pass those savings on to us.

Of course, finding those great deals begins with knowing what to look for. Some items or services are ideally suited for purchase over the internet, which is why they’re included in our Top 10 list of Online Shopping Deals.

10. Eyeglasses

One of the top ten online shopping deals

If you wear prescription eyeglasses you know how expensive these can be. Each time you need a replacement pair, it’s not unheard of to drop several hundred dollars. Online glasses e-tailers can save you a ton if you know what you need. Be wary of the add-ons they’ll try and throw your way, but if you stand strong you can get your new specs or prescription shades for a fraction of what you were paying.

9. Coupon Sites

One of the top ten online shopping deals

There are a lot of sites, some national and even more local or regional, that crank out coupons and savings offers for everything from movies to baked beans. Lots of sites feature deals from online stores and are happy to let you know about new offers as they come up. If you’re thrifty like me (personally, I don’t appreciate the term ‘cheap’), it’s worth signing up for a couple of these. They’ll shoot you an email with a few deals daily or weekly, and then you choose the ones of interest.

8. Restaurants and Bars

One of the top ten online shopping deals

Keeping with the coupon scene, it’s very likely your local restaurants and weekend haunts are online. If so, it’s also likely they will urge you to visit their website, and subsequently their establishment, by offering discounted meals and drinks. If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to peruse the website of this evening’s destination; you’ll probably end up finding some great online shopping deals.

7. Cell Phones

One of the top ten online shopping deals

You know, I see those cell phone stores in malls and cities all over the place and they never seem to have anyone in there. I can only assume there’s a reason for them, but what it is I can’t fathom. With the ability to compare rates, plans and unlocked cell phone costs online you’re sure to get the best deal sitting at home on your computer. In today’s economy if there’s a job for the taking, even if it involves sitting alone in a shiny new store for 8 hours a day, I’m all for it.

6. Books

One of the top ten online shopping deals

As all lovers of books can attest, there’s something soothing about meandering a book store, finding a comfy chair (they always have the nice ones) and spending a few quite hours diving into a book. It just doesn’t make any sense to buy one while you’re there. Online book stores are prevalent and offer a huge selection of books at ridiculously good prices. I guess they pass all the money they save on expensive furniture on to their readers.

5. Movies

One of the top ten online shopping deals

Streaming films and DVDs by mail, like books, are a steal online. For a small fee (less than one daytime movie ticket!) you can stream all kinds of new and classic movies, TV shows and documentaries right to your PC or Internet connected TV. Or if you prefer to get DVDs, you can sign up to have them mailed to your home or office, complete with a postage-paid return envelope!

4. Pet Medications

One of the top ten online shopping deals

It was about 3 years ago my dog got an ear infection. After a $100 vet visit and another $35 for a bottle of medicine the size of a phone booth (of which we used approximately 3/1000 of), I began some investigative work. Turns out, you can go online to a number of different sites that sell the exact same dog (and cat) medications for a fraction of the cost. Needless to say, I’ve never let our dog live it down, and she still feels bad about it.

3. Auto Insurance

One of the top ten online shopping deals

Unless you drive like a maniac and have your auto insurance representative on speed dial, the notion of needing her within walking distance of your home isn’t worth the additional $35 a month in premiums. Using one of the many insurance quote sites, you can stack up pricing and consumer ratings in one fell swoop. Now, it is worth noting this will also result in a slew of calls and emails, but with the money you save you can afford to hire an answering service for a few days.

2. Hotels

One of the top ten online shopping deals

Is there any other way to shop for good hotel room rates today? I can’t remember the last time I called to inquire about a hotel reservation or costs. Then there are all the sites that will do the rate and amenity comparisons for you, lining them up like so many eager beavers just hoping you’ll choose them. It’s good to be King.

1. Plane Tickets

One of the top ten online shopping deals

Many airlines will actually charge you more to speak to a human being than purchase tickets online. Though, based on the abysmal service records of many of these folks have nowadays, it’s probably just as well for us. Not to mention the ability to print boarding passes in advance and waltz through the airport like you’re floating on air. At least until you get security where you’re asked to disrobe because your toothpaste tube is too big.

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