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Top 10 Places NOT to Wear Sneakers

Written by: Editorial Staff

November 11, 2010
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Contributed by Aurora LaJambre, Info Guru

Sneakers are the shoe of choice for a number of people who’d almost always rather be outside than behind a desk or schmoozing at a party.

Sadly, shoes that claim to look like a pump, feel like a sneaker are no substitute. Besides comfort, sneakers give you the I-could-run-a-mile-right-now feeling of possibility.

Still, there’s a time to wear them, and a time to suck it up and look polished. Here are the top 10 places not to wear sneakers.

10. Night clubs

You may be surprised to find out that many venues have a dress code banning sweat suits, baseball caps and sneakers. Do you really want to be the one person in your group who doesn’t get in to a club because of your sneakers? Dress codes aren’t limited to fancy city clubs either. Check the website or call ahead of time if you’re going to a place with a dance floor OR tone down your dance moves so you don’t have to wear sneakers in the first place.

9. First date

First dates are nerve wrecking enough without your date feeling like she’s overdressed because you decided to wear sneakers. Replace your sneakers with polished shoes to balance being yourself with making the other person feel special. If you had an outdoorsy date in mind, let her know in advance so she can be prepared.

8. Theatre

Not every theatre has the painted dome ceilings or gold plated statues that give many Broadway theatres their timeless glow, but every theatre is kept alive by the dedication of the people behind the curtains. Dressing up for the theatre is surprisingly disarming, it leaves you open to whatever journey the story will take you on and shows respect for the artists. You can slide off your shoes once you’re seated.

7. Ice Hotel

Staying in Sweden’s Ice Hotel is at the top of many Must-Do lists, but wear sneakers at your own peril. Layered clothing is recommended and sneakers won’t keep your feet warm or your lower legs covered. Though you can tuck your feet into the fur blanket provided by the hotel, you’ll be less inclined to explore and experience the ice bar, lounge and sculptures throughout. Same goes for ice hotels in Canada, Norway and Finland.

6. Church

Church goers have a long tradition of dressing up for Sunday service. This is a good tradition. Regardless of your specific religion, upholding the traditions are important. Hindus, for instance, may wear sneakers or other casual shoes to temple because they remove their shoes at the door, but they look immaculate in clean clothes from the ankle up.

5. Awards ceremony

Whether you’re being honored with an award, accompanying a date or showing support for your industry, an awards ceremony is the time to look your best. You never know who’s watching or taking pictures so be ready for the spotlight.

4. Job interview

How to get a job page 1:Wear professional footwear to a job interview.
Better to over dress than under dress. Sneakers tell the interviewer you’re not willing to go the extra distance for the job. You want them to focus on you not your feet. Stand out with your confidence, skills and enthusiasm, not your scruffy sneakers. At a job interview, even new sneakers look scruffy.

3. Wedding

Unless the wedding invitation specifically calls for sneakers, weddings are among the top places not to wear sneakers. Your hosts have spent money to celebrate their big day. With a photographer documenting every moment and family members mingling with friends for the first time, you don’t want to be remembered (or immortalized in the photos) as the one person who wore sneakers to the wedding.

2. White House

Congratulations on whatever achievement has scored you an invite to the White House. But what are you thinking if you plan to wear sneakers? Regardless of personal politics, meeting the President of the United States merits nice shoes. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that many people only dream about.

1. Funeral

It’s customary to pay your respects to the deceased and the family wearing a suit, dress, or nice black outfit. Wear understated dress shoes. At a funeral, your comfort takes the back seat.


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