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Top 10 Places to Find Vintage Fashion

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 11, 2011
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Contributed by Rose Garland, Info Guru

There’s no arguing that everything about Vintage Fashion is fun! Every generation has its own unique statement of playfulness, elegance and sex appeal.

Vintage clothing can be combined to make an ultra modern personal statement, whether your aim is to be flirty, laid-back or just cool.

If you cannot find true vintage fashion, new vintage-inspired fashion is a great option. Mix retro-style pieces, mod fashion or hippy gear from designers who are inspired by mod and period style with vintage pieces for a look that is uniquely yours.

The top ten places to find vintage fashion are:

10. Yard sales

A yard sale is the first place to look for vintage and retro fashion. If possible, do research ahead of time. If the yard sale advertisement says, “Baby Toys,” it probably won’t have vintage clothing. However, ‘Multi-Generation’ or ‘3-family’ yard sale may offer some fabulous finds.

9. Thrift stores and consignment shops

Ahhh, thrift stores and consignment shops, where the best and worst of yesterday’s fashions are all jumbled together to combine a modern-day treasure trove experience. A keen eye and openness to possibilities will open this Pandora’s box.

8. E-bay

Fabulous vintage fashion is easily found at e-bay and other auction sites. Whether it’s true vintage fashion or even one-of-a-kind retro-styled designs, this auction site may just have that retro-inspired steam-punk piece you’ve been searching for.

7. Etsy

Etsy is the website home of hard-working craft artists, and offers custom-designed pieces for the aspiring fashionista. It’s easiest to shop at Etsy while knowing exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it is punk jewelry and gothic-inspired outerwear or 50’s inspired dresses, Etsy designers are unique.

6. Ask around

Mom, Grandma and their friends may have some vintage clothing they’ve been holding onto, and asking for hand-me-downs may have the added benefit of bringing your family closer together.

5. Clothes-swapping party

Throw a ‘clothes-swapping’ party with friends and family, with an emphasis on vintage clothing. Although giving up clothes may be hard to do, try bringing pieces that don’t fit you or your style any more. Parachute pants, anyone?

4. Improve what you have

Instead of looking outside your closet for clothes, consider embellishing what you already own. Wider fabric and metal belts are currently in style, so adding a simple belt or another accessory to a vintage outfit may take that outfit from just old to simply fabulous.

3. Antique stores and estate sales

Antique stores and Estate Sales don’t just sell furniture, but jewelry and vintage clothing as well. Bring your check book and be on the lookout for those one-of-a-kind fashion items!

2. Store close-outs

When a clothing store is closing, it liquidates all of its assets. While you won’t find true vintage fashion clothing, vintage-inspired clothing is definitely possible.

1. Online retail stores

Online retail stores that sell vintage clothing and vintage-inspired clothing, shoes, purses and jewelry are by far the best places to find Vintage Fashion. Online retail stores are convenient, and these fabulous fashions are delivered right to your door! Do a simple search and look for a store that caters to the phenomenal vintage and unique retro clothing that you want for yourself.


2 Responses to “Top 10 Places to Find Vintage Fashion”

  1. Tonya S on March 31st, 2011 3:55 am

    Interesting enough article; I wish there was a button for Facebook and Twitter so that I could’ve shared this info. on my two favorite social networking sites!

  2. Mireille on April 8th, 2011 4:29 am

    Interesting, even if personally, I prefer to buy vintage on ETSY than on Ebay. Etsy offers a much better service, presentation of items, fiability, competence, etc. As seller too, I choose to share my vintage passion with the Etsy community. Thank you for your article! I love the pictures!