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Top 10 Practical Jokes and Pranks

Written by: Editorial Staff

November 20, 2011
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One of the top ten practical jokes and pranksContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

For many any prank, good or bad, is rudimentary at best, horribly childish at worst.

And they’re right, but who cares? Sometimes you just get … in a mood, and the best way to alleviate the giddiness that comes with needing an outlet for potentially destructive pent up laughter is a good, old-fashioned prank.

No need to wait until April to get your gag on, here are the top ten practical jokes and pranks.

10. The salt shaker

One of the top ten practical jokes and pranks

One person’s passé is another person’s classic. Never has this well-worn adage (actually, I think I just made it up) been more true than with this practical joke. Best when used at a restaurant so more people can take part in the fun, simply loosen the top of the salt shaker, leaving the lid sitting on top. Then sit back and try not to giggle; that’s a sure sign something’s up.

9. The eyebrow

One of the top ten practical jokes and pranks

Want to target a heavy sleeper? After she’s out for the night; and when she’ out she’s really out, a simple razor and a touch of shaving cream is all you’ll need. The key to pulling off this little caper is shaving just the one. In the morning, there’s a decision to make; shave off the other one or try to make do with one real and one fake? What a dilemma.

8. Face painting

One of the top ten practical jokes and pranks

This is not often used in conjunction with item #8 on our list, as that crosses the bounds of jokes and pranks and enters the realm of downright mean, though we do need another heavy sleeper. Grabbing the nearest eyebrow pencil, lipstick and other assorted marking gear, proceed to play dress up on the face of the unsuspecting, comatose patsy. For the adventuresome among you, a black marker will work and is close to permanent. Naturally, this takes it up a notch or two.

7. Shaving cream

One of the top ten practical jokes and pranks

Here’s a final one to play on the folks crazy enough to fall asleep without the foresight to adequately protect themselves, and it’s fairly painless too. To do this properly takes at least two people; one to prepare the sleeping person’s hand with a load of shaving cream prior to tickling their face, and another to film it all. The latter of the two should also be familiar with how to quickly post the results on YouTube and other social media outlets.

6. Icy Hot

One of the top ten practical jokes and pranks

Horribly cruel and not just a little physically painful, this one’s included on all high school and college lists of jokes and pranks. When your target (in other words a freshman) isn’t looking, apply a layer of Icy Hot to the inside of his jock strap. Now, if you’ve never seen the results, here’s the good part. Usually a good 10 to 15 minutes elapses while the Icy Hot is working it’s magic, and they BAM! It’s easy to tell who the victim of this prank is; he’s the one sprinting to the locker room screaming bloody murder.

5. Saran Wrap

One of the top ten practical jokes and pranks

There’s a reason they call some jokes and pranks classics; they continue to stand the test of time. Securing a layer of crystal clear saran wrap over the toilet bowl, beneath the lid, is a sure fire way to get the guests rolling. The homeowner, or whoever ends up being responsible for the clean up may be less than enamored, but that’s their problem.

4. Honkin’ huge spider

One of the top ten practical jokes and pranks

Spiders are the bane of most everyone’s existence, as well they should be. NOT being afraid of big old hairy spiders should be a phobia, not the other way around. This prank works best when placed in a room that requires a light be turned on upon entry. Then, assuming it’s placed in such a way it is immediately and unmistakably forced into the face of the target (hanging from the ceiling with fishing line for example), it will have the machoest of men screaming like a 6-year old girl.

3. Bathroom door swap

One of the top ten practical jokes and pranks

Okay, this one’s a beaut, and can be enjoyed by the masses. Choosing an opportune moment, slide the Ladies and Mens signs off their respective doors in the bar or restaurant of your choosing. Phase two of this dastardly plan entails swapping them. Phase three is as simple as sitting back; making certain to adjust your seat for optimum viewing, and watch the fireworks.

2. Shopping cart madness

One of the top ten practical jokes and pranks

I haven’t actually performed nor been the victim of this one, just a variation or two. But as soon as I heard about it I knew; this is gooooood. Many of us are put out by those inconsiderate folk that think nothing of leaving their shopping cart in the middle of an aisle and meandering off. Next time, take the opportunity to throw several items in their cart, or at least as many as you think you can get away with. They do it again? You do it again. It’ll be worth waiting for them at the checkout line, oh yeah.

1. Whoopee cushion

One of the top ten practical jokes and pranks

It’s a sound no one likes to hear, no one wants to hear and very few can suppress at least a giggle when they do hear. Yes, the Whoopee Cushion remains at the top of any and all lists of jokes and pranks. Naturally, catching the most rigid, uptight person among a group is the ideal. In fact, the snootier the better; you wouldn’t believe it possible for a person to actually turn that shade of red. Take it from me; it is, and I did.

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