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Top 10 Prom Dress Tips

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 26, 2012
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A list of the top ten prom dress tipsContributed by Jennifer Andrews, Top 10 Guru

Getting your prom dress look just right is exciting!

It also takes a lot of planning.

In addition to the ceremonies, speeches and food, most prom attendees forward to getting dressed up for prom and making fashion savvy statements. Check out the following top 10 list of prom dress up tips for and get ready for a fun night out!

10. Body type

A list of the top ten prom dress tips

When searching for the perfect prom dress, be aware of your body type and shape to avoid purchasing an unflattering dress. Wear clothing that flatters your curves or accentuates them rather than something ill-fitting or too tight in the wrong places.

9. Color

A list of the top ten prom dress tips

A top prom dress up tip is to pick a color that you love and that looks good on you. Avoid anything too dark if you have fair skin or extreme colors such as neon greens or hot pinks in general. Boys make sure your tuxedos complement your dates color choice or the theme of the prom night.

8. Size

A list of the top ten prom dress tips

Purchase a prom dress that fits your proportions. Measure yourself prior to shopping or ask the sales associate for assistance when shopping to avoid finding something that’s too large or too small.

7. Clutch

A list of the top ten prom dress tips

Handbags are hot fashion accessories that come in various different styles and colors. Avoid a clunky handbag and opt for a simple, petite clutch in a neutral color such as silver or gold if it matches your evening wear.

6. Shoes

A list of the top ten prom dress tips

A good pair of dressy shoes is vital to pulling your entire prom look together. Consider an open-toed strappy heel with a shorter dress or solid closed-toes heels with a longer hemline that is more refined.

5. Jewelry

A list of the top ten prom dress tips

Adding jewelry to your overall look is a prom dress up must-have. Keep it simple with small silver earrings or add more bling with a long necklace and cuff bracelet.

4. Make-up

A list of the top ten prom dress tips

Highlight a pretty face with makeup to accentuate features such as eyes, cheekbones and lips. Consider having makeup professionally done at a salon if you aren’t sure what your best colors or how to apply them are.

3. Hair-band

A list of the top ten prom dress tips

A thin, solid-colored hair-band can keep short bangs tucked back and place emphasis on long, shiny locks. It can also be worn with an up-do for a sophisticated look that draws attention to your eyes and facial features.

2. Ruffles

A list of the top ten prom dress tips

Long gone are the days of the big, frilly prom dresses that looked more like dramatic ball gowns! However, instead of puffy sleeves or bodices, ruffles can be worn more a modern and chic style that will play up your girly side.

1. Be unique

A list of the top ten prom dress tips

The best prom dress up tip that anyone could follow is to simply be authentic and honor their own unique sense of style. However, don’t be afraid to have fun with it and step out of your comfort zone. You may be surprised at just how stylish you can be!

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