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Top 10 Purse Styles

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 2, 2012
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A list of the top ten purse stylesContributed by Aurora LaJambre, Top 10 Guru

The world is just a better place when you have a great purse on your shoulder.

You look confident and feel great knowing exactly where your keys, wallet and lipstick are. The best part is purses don’t go out of fashion. Many purse styles look fantastic year-round while others are season oriented. Match your purse with your outfit, body type, and occasion, and take good care of it so it lasts for years.
Here are the top ten purse styles. Collect them all!

10. Wristlet

A list of the top ten purse styles

Wristlet bags measure about 10 inches long and 5 inches deep. These little beauties strap around your wrist so your keys and wallet stay close all night. Wristlets won’t weigh you down, and they can add a huge burst of color and style to any outfit. Wear a colorful wristlet to networking events or a beaded style for a night on the town.

9. Business Bags

A list of the top ten purse styles

Business women and business bag designers know the importance of a first impression. These bags are the perfect accessory to a business suit or tailored slacks and a blouse. They come with handles for travel and long straps for comfort. Look for a structured, padded bottom to protect your computer and front and back pockets so you won’t need to carry a second bag.

8. Mini Bags

A list of the top ten purse styles

Mini bags are basically defined by their title. These little purses are small, but larger than clutches. Strap lengths vary from long to short enough to hold by hand. If they’re single strap, you can usually convert them to a wristlet. These mini bags are great for business travel because they easily tuck inside a tote or be worn crossbody.


A list of the top ten purse styles

The baguette bag is a trendy handbag with a short strap and shape that’s similar to a loaf of bread. This purse style transitions from a professional day to night on the town with ease. Beaded baguettes can dress up a casual dress with a pair of pumps. It’s large enough to hold the basics and shallow enough to keep it all effortlessly organized.

6. Clutch

pink and grey clutch purse

The clutch purse is made to be held or clutched in your hand, which means there’s no a lot of room in there for extras. However, the clutch is ideal for a night out where all you need on your person are necessities. Many clutches purses also come with a long strap or chain to give our hands a rest. While you can find solid colors and stylish designs, this style lends itself to novelty, so it’s a great way to add something fun or daring to your outfit.

5. Carry on

A list of the top ten purse styles

The carry on bag is for women who are truly on the go. Also referred to as weekender bags, carry ons are larger than most purse styles, but small enough to fit in the overhead bin of planes and trains. These bags typically have both a handle and strap and organizer pockets. This one may not be an everyday bag, so consider going for a vibrant color that celebrates little getaways.

4. Hobo Bags

A list of the top ten purse styles

With its distinct crescent shape and slouchy shape, the hobo bag ranges in size from small to enormous. This style is labeled boho-chic and can often be found on the shoulders of celebutantes including Ashley Olsen and Nicole Ritchie. An important feature of this casual bag is a center divider for organization and turn-lock or other secure closure.

3. Crossbody

Designed to hang across the body, crossbody bags are perfect for weekend outings. This versatile purse style comes in a range of sizes and is generally rectangular. When shopping, keep in mind the types of items you’ll want to hold and try not to go too big. Look for one or two zipper pouches for go-to items like keys and wallet.

2. Tote

A list of the top ten purse styles

Most women carry on a lifelong love affair with tote bags. How could we not? This classic purse style is big enough to hold the necessities plus a few extras. Wear it with professional clothing, casual dresses or jeans and a blouse and you’ll be ready to say yes to any invitation.

1. Satchel Purses and Messenger Bags

black womens messenger bag

Satchel bags resemble briefcases in design and use. Men have even tried to make this style their own in recent years as messenger bags have soared in popularity, and we can’t blame them. Unlike briefcases, many satchels also come with a long thin strap so the bag can be worn across the body. They come in many sizes, but most are large enough to hold a small laptop or any tablet — another factor in their popularity.

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