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Top 10 Reasons to Retire

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 27, 2012
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A list of the top ten reasons to retireContributed by Rosemary O’Brien, Top 10 Guru

Most people look forward to the day they will walk out of work and never have to return except for the odd lunch with a friend or to pick up that last paycheck.

If you are one of the few people still trying to figure out why you would retire, read on and discover some of best reasons to retire.

10. Make time for hobbies

A list of the top ten reasons to retire

Many people retire in order to devote more time to their hobbies, or to allow themselves the luxury of picking up a hobby or craft they never had time for. You always admired that woman in your office that made scrapbooks in her spare time, so why not find out how she did it? Find a scrapbooking store online with a selection that makes it very easy to put together pages of your favorite memories.

9. Waking up on your own

A list of the top ten reasons to retire

I have always thought one of the best reasons to retire would be to lounge in bed in the morning. There is truly something to be said for going along with your body clock rather than a loud alarm clock dragging you out of your comfortable sleep. Try going one week without setting your alarm to figure out your best time to wake up. You may even wake up earlier than you expect, but you will not have to do it for a boss. Take a leisurely walk and watch your neighbors head out to work instead.

8. You want to sit on your porch

A list of the top ten reasons to retire

That’s it. You just do not want to have to do anything you do not want to anymore. Isn’t that a good enough reason? Sitting on your front porch, or by a window if you live in an apartment, is one of life’s true joys according to an NPR article by Michelle Morris. “Sitting on the Porch: Not a Place, but a State of Mind” talks about how the porch used to be necessary before the days of air conditioning, and is a good transition between your home world and the outside world. Try sitting on your porch doing absolutely nothing.

7. Read a book

A list of the top ten reasons to retire

Haven’t been able to devote time to reading? Retire. If it has been a while since the last time you read a book just because it was enjoyable, head out to the bookstore. These days you can simply head over to your computer, fire it up and go shopping for that bestseller you have been meaning to read. Order bestselling novels, non-fiction books and anything else you would like to read. In addition, if you are one of those people who have to finish the last word of a book even if you are not enjoying it, throw that rule out the window. Being retired means breaking the rules and enjoying yourself. If you do not enjoy the book after a few chapters, put it aside and start another.

6. Take a class just for fun

A list of the top ten reasons to retire

Retire to learn something new. Find the best dance clothes and then hit that dance floor. There are classes in all types of dance styles such as tap, jazz and ballet. If you want to impress your spouse or your date, hit a ballroom dance class. It will provide a new skill and a social outlet in the process. Many colleges offer discounted rates on college-level classes to senior citizens, too, so take that history class you have always wanted to take. It does not matter what you take, learn something simply because it interests you.

5. Travel

A list of the top ten reasons to retire

Remember all of those roadtrips, flights and cruises to great places you want to take … one day? One of the reasons to retire is to travel. Spend a month driving up or down a coast. You can make reservations in advance or just stop where you want to stop.If you own or rent an RV, you can stop at any number of RV parks that cater to the adventurous travelers. Take in a football or a soccer game, or travel overseas. Where you go is up to you.

4. Volunteer in the community

A list of the top ten reasons to retire

Non-profits always need free help. Look around your community for places that need volunteers or go to, a network where groups find volunteers for their cause or the event. You can also call your local board of education or political campaign and find out where they need help. Lunch aides in schools, hugging premature babies in a hospital or helping that candidate win the primary are all good ways to spend your time during retirement.

3. More time with friends and family

A list of the top ten reasons to retire

Having time for family is a wonderful reason to retire. Make a date for lunch with that grandchild you have not seen in a while. Kids who are home from college during winter break are usually available when everyone else is at work, just like you. You can cook them a great meal, take them out to a local restaurant for lunch, or just have them over for coffee some afternoon. Offer to babysit smaller children if you are able. Catching up with friends and family is an excellent way to enjoy your free time.

2. No more commuting

A list of the top ten reasons to retire

Sick of the drive to work? Here’s another reason to retire. How great is it to be able to avoid the highways when everyone is on them going to work? Plan your errands for after the morning rush hour or before everyone starts heading home for the evening and you will know just how truly great it is to make your own schedule.

1. Enjoy your “nest”

A list of the top ten reasons to retire

The goal of retirement is to have as much paid for as possible before you stop working for good and that may include your house. Look around and make a list of all of the household projects you have been meaning to take on. You are retired now, so get started with that leaky faucet or that door that just does not swing correctly.

With the plethora of big box home stores, you have all of the hand tools, parts and instruction to get those little projects completed. Why stop at little projects? You can build that deck you have always wanted or change out the curtains for blinds. It all depends on your abilities and interests.

There are many reasons to retire. Retirement can be a fun time in a person’s life. Without the stress of getting to work and doing a job for someone, you can give yourself permission to enjoy new hobbies, new interests and even new friends. The most important thing is to do what makes you happy.

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