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Top 10 Reasons to Wear Green

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 10, 2011
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Contributed by Cindi Pearce, Info Guru

Aside from St. Patrick’s Day, why is it practical, preferable or even beneficial to wear green clothing? There are a number of theories, in fact, that suggest green is a very powerful and positive color.

It might be worth your while to dash out and buy some green clothing. (Just ask any Green Bay Packer fan.)

Here are the top 10 reasons to wear green:

10. Increase relaxation

Green is an uplifting color. It can give the impression of a very stable person. If you are dealing with stressful and problematic situations in your life with your boss, co-workers or family members wear green when you meet with these individuals. Now you know why many spas and spa products are decorated or packaged in shades of green.

On the flip side, do not wear green if you are a politician because green can be perceived as predicable or stubborn. Furthermore, do not wear green if you are attempting to raise funds.

9. Express dependability

If you are a dependable person and want the world to know that wear green, except stay away from greens that are too yellow or blue. Opt for dark greens and true greens. Green also suggests that a person is self-sufficient and works well for people who routinely have to deal with customers because the wearer appears nurturing and caring.

8. Reduce anxiety and stress

Green is a relaxing color. It is easy on the eye. Have you ever wondered why guests on television shows sit in a ‘green room’ before they appear on the show? That’s because green soothes and calms nerves. The color green is believed to improve vision. If you want to convey the impression of being cool, calm and collected wear green.

7. Impart healing vibes

If you are in the business of healing — and that means doctors and nurses and alternative medicine practitioners and herbalists — wear green because it is the color of healing.

6. Be manly

When a man wears dark green clothing this signifies that he is wealthy, conservative and macho. If this is the impression you want to convey get yourself into some dark green garbs. The Hulk was the ultimate “man in green,” and there was no question about his machismo. Start with your undergarments and feel powerful.

5. Commune with nature

Green is a color that is closely associated with nature. Wear green if you are determined to turn over a new leaf or are starting a new career or relationship. Green is associated with new growth and the spring season. Wearing green clothing is believed to put you in better touch with the nature that surrounds you.

4. Be fertile

If you want the world to know that you are fertile and ready to reproduce, wear green. In the Middle Ages brides wore green to represent their fertility.

3. Feel IRISH

Wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day is a long-held tradition. Leprechauns wear green. Green means support and is often sung about in Irish ballads such as “The Wearing of the Green,” which was penned following the Irish Rebellion of 1798. And then there is the Emerald Isle, another reference to the color green. Celebrate your inner Irishman with anything green or made in Ireland. Irish Protestants don’t celebrate this occasion but Irish Catholics do and they wear green on March 17 in acknowledgment of this saint’s day. Green is associated with Catholics, whereas orange is the color of Protestants. White is a color of peace between the two religions. The Irish flag is green, orange and white.

2. Reduce eyestrain

Surgeons and other personnel in an operating room wear green scrubs because green is easier on the eyes. Scrubs used to be white because white is associated with cleanliness and an operating room has to be sterile. In the past century green became the top choice for surgeons scrubs or surgical greens. An operating room is all white to begin with and the addition of white scrubs made for a harsh visual environment resulting in eye strain. When doctors switched to green, they experienced less eye fatigue. Surgeons look at the color red (as in blood) a lot and this can cause disturbing green illusions to occur on white surfaces. These illusions appear when a surgeon shifts his eyes from red body tissue to an object, such as scrubs that are white. A green illusion of the red that the doctor has seen (body tissues and organs) then appears on the white background. This happens because the red pathway, which is contained in white lights, as are all the colors of the rainbow, is worn out at which point the brain signals green. If the doctor looks at scrubs that are blue or green the illusions, which are distracting, blend in and are no longer bothersome.

1. Because you are a Packers fan. Period.

The Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl XLV. The Green Bay Packers wear green and yellow. Packers fans wear green and yellow fan gear. Cheese is yellow. Sometimes Packers fans wear great big yellow cheeseheads to go along with their green.


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