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Top 10 Reasons You Are Feeling Old

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 1, 2011
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One of the top ten reasons you feel oldContributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

Some thirty-year-olds act like they’ve got a foot in the grave while there are sprightly octogenarians that put the younger folk to shame with their vim and vinegar.

Why do some people feel so good and so young long after they really should? Why do others start looking for headstones in their forties? A lot of it is based on attitude as well as perception and your choice of how you are going to handle the “twilight” years.

If you don’t take a stand you probably will be man-handled by the passage of time. Nobody said it was going to be easy but there may be some definitive reasons why you are feeling ancient. Here are the top 10 reasons you are feeling old:

10. New babies

One of the top ten reasons you feel old

Your granddaughter just became a mother. That makes you a great-grandmother. That must mean you are pretty old. However, you don’t have to succumb to the sitting-in-a-rocker knitting-socks-that-nobody-will wear-grandmother stereotype. If the whole idea of grandmother-hood and great-grandmother-hood is stuck in your crawl, tell the grand kids to call you Auntie Mame or something cool like that. Now kick up your heels and show the world that you aren’t over the hill.

9. Being around youth

One of the top ten reasons you feel old

Everyone else is soooo young. Nothing makes you feel any longer in the tooth than visiting your kid at his college campus, which was your stomping ground 35 years before. Suddenly, you are the mother or the grandmother at Mom’s weekend, and you’re feeling kind of foolish and like an antique. Where DID the time go?

8. It’s the truth

One of the top ten reasons you feel old

You ARE old.

7. Deference and suspicion

One of the top ten reasons you feel old

People stare at you suspiciously, or in disbelief, if you dare to step into the junior department at the clothing store, and you’re not shopping for your granddaughter, and they know it. The clerk calls you “m’am” and you do NOT like her condescending tone.

6. Stuck in the past

One of the top ten reasons you feel old

You don’t understand all the technical mumbo jumbo that the younger generations toss about willy nilly and seem to comprehend and who know instinctively how to operate every gadget in existence. You don’t even understand the lingo that they use and find yourself wanting to ask, “What DOES that mean?” but don’t want to appear so … old and out of the loop. You could learn this stuff, you know.

5. Celibacy

One of the top ten reasons you feel old

You haven’t had sex in so long that you aren’t sure if you could remember what goes where.

4. Body failure

One of the top ten reasons you feel old

When your body starts to fall apart this makes you feel and look old. Counter-attack, strike back, and do everything in your power to get your strength, stamina, energy and muscle tone back. Resist! Don’t crumble and capitulate like it is inevitable. Do not surrender. Fight the good fight! Just fighting back will probably make you feel a little younger.

3. Eyesight decline

One of the top ten reasons you feel old

You can’t see. Blind as a bat, as the old saying goes. You are always struggling to find your glasses … the ones that you wear to read with and the ones that you call your walk-about specs or distance glasses. You can’t bring yourself to wear your glasses ALL the time, although heaven only knows you should, because it makes you feel so … old. However, then you realize that not wearing your glasses and mistaking the mailman for your husband is going to make you feel even stupider and OLDER. Do yourself a favor and put on your glasses. Get a snazzy looking pair that belies your age. Some people wear glasses for an accessory and not because they have to. Pretend that you are one of them.

2. Hormone failure

One of the top ten reasons you feel old

Loss of hormones: When women become menopausal their estrogen level drops to next to nothing. Estrogen is a woman’s best friend when she has it and her worst enemy when it’s gone. Her hair thins and falls out, and her skin loses its luster. She may gain weight around her mid-section and become stooped over if she is suffering from porous bone disease also known as osteoporosis. All of these factors combined can make you feel old. Figure out a way to out-smart your body. Improve your diet. Eat foods that contain photo-estrogens, which introduce natural and not synthetic estrogen into your body. Exercise. Get out in the sunshine and get your serving of vitamin D but don’t overdo sun exposure. Use your brain because if you don’t you will lose brain function, and your memory will suffer. Some women undergo hormone replacement therapy while others don’t because they fear the consequences, which include an increased risk of breast cancer. Talk to your physician and figure out what you can do to make yourself feel better and younger.

1. Untreated fatigue

One of the top ten reasons you feel old

It could be that you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, which can happen if you have been under long-term stress and haven’t had any reprieve. Adrenal fatigue means that you have a combination of non-specific symptoms, including digestive problems, fatigue, body aches, sleep disturbances and nervousness. When the adrenal glands are pushed to their limit, they can no longer function. These glands produce hormones that you need and when you are suffering from adrenal insufficiency the production of hormones is inadequate and you become symptomatic. You may notice that you feel light-headed or are losing hair. Your blood pressure can drop, and you may lose weight for no reason. In other words, you feel like crap. Make an appointment with your doctor and ask if you could be suffering from this condition.

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